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  • Schuneman Symposium on Photojournalism and New Media :: 4|8|10
Convergence, Confluence or Confusion?
The Impact of New Media
Keynote speaker:
Ana Marie Cox
mistress of new media,
Wonkette.com founder

Baker Ballroom, 5:10-6:30
reception: 6:30-7:30 p.m.

NOTE: All events are free and open to the public.
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  • Speaker Biographies:
José Azel — After completing his Masters in Journalism at the University of Missouri, he joined the staff of the Miami Herald, where he worked for four years. From 1981, until 1997, Azel freelanced as a photographer for international magazines such as, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Life, Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and GEO Magazine, as well as shooting corporate assignments for the outdoor industry. In 1993, he co-founded Aurora Photos and Quanta Productions, a stock photography company that merged traditional photography and digital media. The technology revolution allowed Aurora to establish itself as a company of the future, helping define the interactive, visual narrative of the digital age. Aurora new media clients crossed the commercial and editorial boundaries with major projects for brands such as, Eastern Mountain Sports, Hathaway Shirts, Kodak, the Washington Post Digital Inc., SI Kids Online, MSNBC and PDN Magazine.
Jessica Chance is an award-winning multimedia producer and communication specialist with six years of experience working with nonprofit organizations. She earned a bachelors degree in journalism from Ohio University in 2003. She enjoys telling underreported stories in a compelling way, and delivering these stories in new ways using the Internet. She has been producing multimedia stories since 2006, working with James Chance, an award-winning photojournalist whose work is featured regularly in major publications in international and American media.
Adam Conner is the Washington DC Associate Manager for Privacy and Global Public Policy at Facebook, where he focuses on government and political outreach and directed the company's 2008 election efforts. In 2009 Politics Magazine named him one of their "Rising Stars," an award that goes to people 35 or under who have already made a significant mark in political consulting or advocacy. Prior to opening Facebook's Washington DC office, Adam was the Director of Online Communications for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, Chairwoman of the Rules Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. He previously served as the Deputy Director of Online Communications for Forward Together, the presidential exploratory committee for former Virginia Governor Mark Warner.
Ana Marie Cox. Ana Marie Cox is a product of change. She's a journalist who covers the White House via Twitter, who raised money to be on the campaign trail from readers, who openly mocks some of Washington's most revered institutions (the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner, for example) while managing to remain on the guest list for both society gatherings and Presidential Press conferences. Because of her background in pioneering, irreverent and influential online publications (she was the editor of Suck.com and founded Wonkette.com), Ana has repeatedly been brought into established organizations to offer guidance in the best ways to approach new media. The experience of trying (and mostly failing) to drag political journalism, kicking and screaming, into the era of social media, insta-polls, hashtag manufacturing and viral video has taught her the most common mistakes institutions make in confronting the new media environment. Ana has proven her own adaptability with success in a variety of different settings. Wonkette.com — where she was the sole writer and editor — launched in January of 2004 and was on the cover of the New York Times magazine by September. On election night 2004, her hit count topped that of Drudge Report when she became the first online outlet to publish embargoed exit poll results. Her guest host stint on The Rachel Maddow Show managed to beat Anderson Cooper in the ratings and this year she was voted "Most Likely to Make Headlines" in a poll of Washington media insiders.
Lyle Denniston is now in his 62nd year as a journalist. This also is his 52nd year of covering the U.S. Supreme Court. He has covered one of every four Justices ever to sit on the Court. He is currently covering the Court for an Internet-based clearing house of information about the Supreme Court's work — the Web log known as "SCOTUSblog." He also reports on the Court for Radio Station WBUR in Boston. He is the author of "The Reporter and The Law: Techniques of Covering the Courts." Among his other published articles, he wrote "The Shrinking Supreme Court and Its Dwindling Press Corps," 59 Syracuse Law Review 416 (2009). He is a member of the Hall of Fame of the Washington Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Phil Elliott is a White House reporter for The Associated Press, where he also writes about the intersection of the Internet, politics and pop culture. Elliott joined the AP's Washington bureau in 2006 as a political editor for the congressional midterm elections, then spent two years covering the marathon presidential campaign. He moved to New Hampshire in January 2007 to cover the year-long first-in-the-nation primary contests, then relocated to Ohio, traveled across the country aboard the candidates' planes and filed reports from 34 states. Elliott was born in northeast Ohio, grew up in Newton Falls, Ohio, and studied journalism and political science at Ohio University. After graduating in 2003, he worked at The Marietta (Ohio) Times and the Evansville (Ind.) Courier & Press. He was a National Endowment for the Arts fellow at Columbia University in 2005. He now lives in Washington, D.C.
Miki Johnson is liveBooks Social Media Editor and Editor of the RESOLVE blog, where she oversees blog content and manages social media strategy. In a larger sense she helps photo professionals of all kinds — people who are incredibly talented at communicating with images — communicate with words. She's especially interested in helping them use their words (together with their photos) to inform, inspire, and incite positive progress in the photo community and the world. Before joining Live Books in November 2008 she was Senior Editor at American Photo Magazine in New York City for three years, where she launched and edited the first year of Pop Photo College Edition. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in magazine journalism and grew up in Athens, Ohio.
Laurin Manning is a new media strategist based out of Columbia, South Carolina. She currently serves as the new media director for State Sen. Vincent Sheheen's campaign for governor in South Carolina. Previously she worked on the Obama campaign and was one of the first staffers hired in South Carolina. She worked in four other states in the primaries and was a national editor for the campaign's blog and later the GOTV/Early Vote New Media Director in Ohio during the general election. Prior to the Obama campaign, Manning authored the most widely read blog on South Carolina politics, the LaurinLine. She is a graduate of Wofford College and attended the University of South Carolina School of Law.
John McManus wants to be part of a civic revival. An author, publisher, journalist, researcher, educator, media critic and Web lackey, he founded GradeTheNews.org, which attempts to do for news in the San Francisco Bay Area what Consumer Reports does for toaster ovens. His work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, Nieman Reports and Quill as well as academic journals such as Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Communication Theory, Communication Research, Political Communication, Mass Comm Review, Journalism, Journal of Mass Media Ethics, and the Newspaper Research Journal. His first book, Market-Driven Journalism: Let the Citizen Beware?, won the Society of Professional Journalists' Research Prize in 1994. His most recent book is Detecting Bull: How to Identify Bias and Junk Journalism in Print, Broadcast and on the Wild Web.
Jen Nedeau is a new media consultant, writer, and progressive activist based in New York City. From June 2009 to January 2010, Jen served as the Director of Digital Strategy at Air America Media. At Air America, she helped transition radio, a legacy medium, into the age of the internet. From August 2008 — December 2009, Jen pursued her passion for writing and activism by serving as Editor of the Women's Rights Blog for Change.org where she facilitated daily discussion about the feminist movement as it related to politics, technology and social norms. Previous to moving to New York City, Jen worked for New Media Strategies where she employed online campaigns for Fortune 500 companies utilizing the power of social media to promote and protect clients.
Arian Smedley is an editor on The Associated Press Social Network Center. She assists in managing AP's flagship Facebook and Twitter accounts (facebook.com/APNews and twitter.com/AP). The bulk of her job involves working closely with other AP departments to create unique blog posts for Facebook designed to provoke discussion and to offer readers a behind-the-scenes look at the newsgathering process from The Associated Press. Arian joined the AP as a multimedia intern in 2007 and was quickly hired as an editorial assistant on the National Desk. In 2008, she became one of AP's first mobile editors and worked closely with the team that launched AP's mobile application on the iPhone. She curated content for the AP_Mobile Twitter feed and collaborated in the creation of Vidgraphics, an ad-supported product for AP Mobile that is optimized for the iPhone.
Taylor West is a communications consultant with New Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm, and a veteran of strategic communications for state and federal campaigns in some of the nation's most critical battleground states. She is also a nationally televised political commentator, making regular appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox Business Network. Taylor joined New Partners after serving as Communications Director for the campaign of Senator Mark Udall in Colorado, one of the most highly targeted Senate races of 2008. Taylor has coordinated message development, media outreach, and research strategies for statewide campaigns in Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, and Georgia. In addition to her leadership role with the Udall campaign, she has served in key communications and research positions for the campaigns of Governor Chet Culver of Iowa in 2006 and Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia in 2005. She was the Communications Director for Senator Chris Dodd's Iowa Caucus campaign in 2007 and has also worked on Senate races in Virginia and Georgia. Taylor has a wealth of on-the-record experience with the media, having worked extensively with national and regional political reporters to build publicity, shape narratives, and drive offensive and defensive themes on behalf of her candidates and clients. Prior to her campaign experience, Taylor worked in grant-writing and fund development for a New York City-based non-profit organization.
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