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The Grammar Test and JOUR 2311 (JOUR 2310)

Planning to take “Introduction Multiplatform Reporting and Writing” (JOUR 2310 or 2311)? You’ll first have to pass the School of Journalism’s grammar test, which is being offered through a partnership with the Poynter Institute. (Students who have already taken J1330 and passed with a C or better are exempt, but they still need to get a permission slip from the School of Journalism’s main office, Schoonover 223.)

Registering for the grammar test

  • Go to Poynter News University website:
  • Create an account
  • Click “Courses” in the middle of the screen
  • Enter “language” in the search box.
  • Click Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use (Ohio University Edition)
  • The cost to access the course, which includes practice drills and the final exam, is $12.95.
  • Want to work on your grammar even more? You also can purchase “Working with Words” by the Missouri Group, the text used in the JOUR 1330--Precision Language course.

Taking the grammar test

  • Go to Scripps 006 lab located on the ground floor any time during open lab hours, which are posted on the door
  • You will need your OHIO student ID to verify your identity
  • You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • Once you start, you need to complete the exam in one sitting. You will not be allowed to stop the exam and come back another time; one you exit the exam, it is scored.
  • Important: Only an exam taken in the Scripps 006 lab counts toward meeting the prerequisite for JOUR 2310/2311.
  • To pass, you must receive a score of 75% or above.
  • You will not get your score; your score will be sent to the J-School main office.
  • You can re-take exam up to three times.
  • If you don’t pass the exam after three attempts, you should plan to enroll in “Precision Language” (JOUR1330) for additional preparation.

Registering for J2311 (or J2310)

  • The day before your registration day/time (“enrollment appointment”), go to the J-School main office (Schoonover 223) and request a permission “green” slip. The J-School staff will use the Grammar Test grade report to confirm that you have passed the grammar test and met the J2311 (J2310) prerequisite.
  • If you have taken or currently registered for JOUR 1330, it would be helpful to bring a copy of your DARS to verify that you have met/are meeting the prerequisite for JOUR 2311 (or JOUR 2310)
  • Have your class number and lab day/time of the top three sections of JOUR 2311 (or 2310) you wish to take (just in case one section is already full).
  • Take the signed permission “green” slip directly to Registrar Services (Chubb Hall, main floor) for processing.