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Phil Rees visits Scripps J-School at Ohio University

Sept. 28 and 29 EW Scripps School of Journalism and the International Institute of Journalism hosted Phil Rees as a special guest speaker.

Phil Rees Star of India dinner

Students were able to follow the life of documentary and international journalism through the eyes of this producer. Rees came to several classes within the journalism school such as J-Freshman Newsroom, Midday, and TV Broadcast News. Here the international journalist showed pieces of different documentaries he has worked on all across the world. With over forty documentaries on his resume`, Rees has done exclusive work with the Al Jazeera network and been on the front lines of numerous war conflicts, places many journalists have never been.

October 20, 2011 | comments (0)

IIJ and SPJ bring Antigone Barton to OU

By: Morgan Sigrist IIJ Ambassador
October 24th through the 26th, the International Institute of Journalism and the Society of Professional Journalists join together to bring international health journalist Antigone Barton. As part of the Pulitzer Center of Crisis, Barton has spent the last seven years working extensively on the AIDS epidemic both abroad and in South Florida.

Throughout her visit at OU, Antigone Barton will be speaking to Students for Global Media and Diversity along with Zambian students. It is her hope to teach students the importance of international affairs, and the importance of studying abroad for journalism and communication students. She will be speaking to the Zambian students as they prepare for their trip over winter intersession, and help to prepare these students for the opportunity to learn and grow as journalists from this experience.

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