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In this blog post I want to call attention to how incoming students can get hands-on experience from the “get go.”

In case you haven’t noticed, the very top line of the JSchool website is a list of links to student-produced media. This past year I got to add several new publications to the list, requiring me to shrink the font size down to an almost unreadable size. Here’s an easy-to-read version of the list, with a brief description of each outlet:

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Read the (QR) code to learn more

This year we’re embracing QR codes “linked” to videos to help our incoming students better grasp our new curriculum as well as the transition from quarters to semesters.

“Q2S,” as it’s referred to here at OU, involves not only creating a new semesters-based curriculum (which we’ve done), but explaining that new curriculum to students who will be transitioning from the one academic calendar (quarters) to the other (semesters). Most important is this “bottom line” question: Will students graduate on time when they start on one calendar and finish on the other?

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