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During my recent trip to DC I interviewed NPR’s Erica Ryan, one of eight alums I met with who work in various journalism positions in the Washington area.

As a journalism student, Erica was in the News Writing and Editing sequence, but she now works for one of the main broadcast news organizations in the country. In this video she explains how she came to be “Editor” for digital news at NPR.

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The second in our Homecoming Profiles series is recent grad Garrett Downing, who landed his first job out of school at WEWS in Cleveland.

In this interview, Downing discussed how his various journalism activities on campus helped prepare him for his position.

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The next profile in our Homecoming series is 1982 grad Jeff Worden, owner of the Pittsburgh-based worden/PR.

In this interview, Worden discussed how he changed from a news career to a PR career, and how Ohio University’s journalism school helped prepare him for both careers.

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