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Students will increase their understanding of the East African history of monarchical rule, cultural norms, and political structures shaping attitudes towards governance. They will be acculturated into Uganda’s socioeconomic welfare and fragmentation of more than 20 ethnic groups, each commanding a strong sense of cultural identity.

It will focus on specialized journalism, offer internships in news organizations, advertising firms, the national parliament, and non-for-profit organizations. Students will report, write stories, produce a TV documentary, blog, and tweet their experience in Uganda.

OU students will also learn coalition-building efforts, cross cultural communication, and problem solving skills, as they apprentice with local journalists, other university students, and as they interact with a wide array of academic and peasant contacts in cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic Kampala. It is designed to give OU students a stand-out lifetime discovery into the wonders of East Africa in an academic and enjoyable touristy environment.

This summer program includes the following travel excursions:

Three courses will offer students exposure and immersion into the conditions under which East African media and journalists operate. They will experience the complexity of the economic and political environment in the news media, advertising or marketing firms, PR organizations, and non-for-profit sector.

This is a very affordable program, and students earn 9 (nine) credit hours toward their degree, which include a tier-III course, thereby fast-tracking journalism majors or keeping OU non-journalism majors on track for graduation.

Applicants should expect this to be a competitive academic expedition. Eligible students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher (see program director if you are interested, but fall just short of that requirement). Eligibility is also incumbent upon a successful interview following the application and completion of pre-departure orientation.

To learn more about this study abroad program to Uganda, contact us at the following addresses:

Program Director: Dr. Yusuf Kalyango

205 Scripps Hall, Tel: 597-3335


Program Coordinator: Molly Micheels

185 Lindley Hall, Tel: 593-1798


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December 10, 2009

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