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Covering the World from Athens, Ohio

Scripps journalism students who took our Foreign Correspondence course this winter have produced a total of 34 international special reports and other commentaries on issues pertaining to global crises. The special reports are published in our 2010 Global Spotlight e-magazines and on the IIJ Blog.

The stories are originally pitched, investigated, written, edited, and published by the students, in conjunction with the Institute for International Journalism. The Global Spotlight publishes three issues annually, which feature underreported international issues and current affairs from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Western/Eastern Europe.

Here are the 2010 Scripps international correspondents and their datelines:

Evan Barton – South Africa

Gail Burkhardt – Jordan

Brigitta Burks – Morocco

Alexandru Cristea – Egypt

Garrett Downing – Colombia

Steve Gartner – Argentina

Allie LaForce – Denmark

Jane Lonsdale – Kenya

Chen Lou – India

Aisha Mohammed – Pakistan

Alex Moorhead – Brazil

Kristin Nehls – Ecuador

Craig Reck – Spain

Eric Sandy – Italy

Meghan Ventura – Japan

Theresa Warzecha – Somalia

Yacong Yuan – Romania

March 19, 2010

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