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When students create media

Today I added links to our “navbar” for two new student publications. Thread and The Essay are just the most recent examples of student publications we’ve seen leap across the great-idea-become-reality gap.

I couldn’t begin to estimate how many hours have been invested in the creation of Thread and The Essay, or into Backdrop, the InterActivist, College Green and Speakeasy that came before and continue to be refined and reenergized with “student power.” I celebrate all of these efforts, because they represent hope for our industry. They also bring readers meaningful content in the here-and-now.

I also marvel at how these newly created publications are staffed by students in the JSchool working alongside students from all across the Scripps College of Communication. No doubt there are many students from outside of the college looking to improve their skills so that they can gain admission to one of our schools. I salute them all, because they’ve all decided to go for it, to take the chance to work hard toward their individual and collective goals. And so I happily call to the attention of visitors to the JSchool site the rich array of student media being created here at Ohio University.

May 5, 2010

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