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This summer students from the Scripps College have been producing documentaries in Germany, mostly in and around the former East German city of Leipzig (aka “The ’Zig,” according to one student).

The course is being taught by Professors Frederick Lewis (Media Arts and Studies) and Sam Girton (School of Visual Communication). The topics students are covering in their documentaries run the gamut, but trust me, not one of them is a fluff piece.

Truth is, I haven’t even seen any of them yet, but based on what the producers are writing in their blogs, I can tell that these productions will have serious content. And I also can tell just by reading many of the blog entries that the experience has been profoundly important. What won’t necessarily be obvious is that most of the students on this program are only part way through their education at Ohio University.

I expect that the work they are producing (even as I write this blog post) will be the envy of all OU summer study abroad programs. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of the pieces end up winning awards, not to mention getting the participants jobs when they graduate.

Here’s a brief preview:

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