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Garrett Downing graduated from the JSchool this past June. He already had landed a position with WEWS in Cleveland. I recently received this email, which he has given me permission to republish.

A recent photo [added 9/14/10] of Garrett on set during a WEWS sports program.

Life in Cleveland for me is going well…. I’ve adjusted to the early hours (even though it still takes about three cups of coffee to wake up) and I’m getting the chance to do a number of different things.

My first month on the job, I was in the middle of our team’s coverage on the LeBron James fiasco. It was a great way to get thrown to the wolves, and we ended up setting all kinds of traffic records for our site with that coverage. It was great to have a hand in that, and some of my work ended up getting picked up nationally. I couldn’t believe it when I went on and my byline was the main story on the site!

Recently, I’ve been covering the Browns training camp and pre-season, and the plan is for me to continue covering the team for the website throughout the season. I definitely did not think I would be covering the NFL two months into my first job. Here’s an article I wrote for our site.

Also, I am going to have a big role in high school football. I’m basically in charge of the web product for our high school football coverage, and I’m building relationships with local schools to have them send us video to put on our TV broadcasts, and online. As part of the high school coverage, I’m also going to get some on-air opportunities. If things go according to plan, then I should be making my Cleveland TV debut this weekend!

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August 26, 2010

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