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On my recent trip to Washington DC I was bound and determined to talk with 1969 JSchool graduate Clarence Page. The hour-long interview touched on a wide range of topics, from his first journalism experiences in high school to making sense of Marshall McLuhan.

Because of youtube’s limitations on how long a video can be, I broke up the interview into five parts. In part 1, Page shares his views on how to balance the academic demands of college with the need to gain hands-on experience.

Part 2: Page’s early interests in journalism, and why he chose to study at Ohio University.

Part 3: Page, on the need for journalism students to be flexible when they come out of school. Of particular interest to me is his discussion about an international opportunity early on in his career.

Part 4: Page, on the changes he has witnessed in journalism and media during his career.

Page 5: Page discusses his contributions to journalism.

September 1, 2010

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