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When the OU Ad Club’s anti-binge drinking campaign failed to win top-billing at the 2009 National Student Advertising Competition, our student team members figured those were the breaks. End of story.

About one year later, Ad Club co-adviser Professor Craig Davis received a letter from the Century Council with Very Good News. The OU team’s campaign had been selected as one of four in the nation to be funded to the tune of $75K for a trial run. The student-produced “Drink Too Much and You Can Miss a Lot” campaign was re-born.

In the following videos, Ad Club member Tyler Perrino discusses the campaign.

To find out about activities you don’t want to miss, see the campaign’s Facebook page.

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by Anonymous Coward on 05/10/2012

I am a parent from Eleanor Roosevelt High School NYC. I am coordinating an anti binge drinking event for our senior class and would love to receive any paraphernalia (posters, giveaways, literature), that you have available to help us hit the mark at our event. Having a problem finding the FB page. That being said, would someone contact me asap? So glad to have found you and hope you can help us out!

Thanks so much, Jude Brownstein

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