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Bush Seminar 2010

The JSchool’s faculty (as well as some of our students) has just descended from a great hill-top (aka Inn at Cedar Falls “Gathering Place”) experience that was the 2010 edition of our annual Bush Seminar.

The seminar, first held in 1968, is made possible by a generous donation from the Gordon K. Bush Memorial Fund. The one rule of the event is that we’re not allowed to vote on any “action” items. Instead, we’re simply supposed to think deep thoughts about important topics that are too big to fit into the normal faculty meeting timeframe.

This year’s discussion topics included reviewing the JSchool’s outlook on student and faculty diversity (yes, we need more), improving our national visibility, using social media more strategically (thanks ImPRessions “SWAT” team!), and contemplating future directions for our program.

My hope is that the open, honest, and even heart-felt conversations we had today will make us a better community of scholars and teachers, thereby making the JSchool a better place to study journalism.

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