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JSchool’s scholarship given top 10 designation by CIOS

A few weeks ago we received the following notice from the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS). Its taken us a little while, but weve finally figured out that its really good news!

Your department has been identified as a “Top Ten” department for research in one or more areas of disciplinary research focus. The CIOSs ComVista/ComAnalytics system tracks article publication by faculty at more than 700 programs in the US and Canada, ranking them on the basis of research article productivity in the fields journal literature. A “Top Ten” designation occurs for a department (1) with faculty who have collectively published a minimum of 3 articles on a tracked subject and (2) when the departments collective record of publication places the department in the fields top ten, allowing for tied ranks. Congratulations. We hope youll be able to make use of this distinction in support of your departments mission.

So heres what my colleague, Prof. Mike Sweeney (chair of our graduate program) figured out when drilling down into the data:

We are top 10 in research papers on journalism economics, newspapers, and radio, broken down as follows:

Newspapers: four total. One by Bill Reader and three co-authored by Hugh Martin

Economics: three total, all co-authored by Hugh Martin

Radio: three total. One by Reader, one co-authored by Joe Bernt and Guido Stempel, and one co-authored by Hugh Martin.

We believe this reflects the quality of the scholarship produced by our faculty. Were proud to be able to post the nifty graphic above.

For more detail, go to the Ohio University JSchool section of the CIOS database.

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