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Pulitzer Prize winning alum returns to show film

This year’s Schuneman Symposium features the showing of an award-winning film about beating cancer.

The patient-as-producer, John Kaplan, received his BSJ in 1982 and his masters degree in 1998. Between those degrees he won the 1992 Feature Photography Pulitzer Prize for “Age 21 in America,” a photo essay of the lives of young adults.

His film, Not As I Pictured, will be shown April 5 at 5:10 in the Baker Center Theater. On Wednesday, April 6, Kaplan will be on a panel with documentary maker Casey Hayward and Dr. Tracy Marx, discussing the making and distribution of health communication media.

Kaplan’s short film, Pulitzer Pride, was shown as last year’s Athens International Film and Video Festival. The following interview with Kaplan was done during that visit to campus:

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March 30, 2011

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