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JSchool ambassadors play big role

Last Friday afternoon we hosted eleven prospective students, each with an entourage of family members. Prof. Mike Sweeney was our “faculty” presenter and four JSchool Ambassadors provided building tours. Bear in mind that this was on a Friday afternoon, and our Ambassadors receive no compensation.

JSchool Ambassadors (2010-11)

What they do receive, besides a very stylish black shirt with their name embroidered in bright white stitching, is an endless stream of emails from Debbie DePeel and Sharon Case, asking for assistance with this, that or the other. And to think they actually applied to be ambassadors!

Here’s a list of this year’s JSchool Ambassadors:

Kathleen Allen
Nicole Bersani
Rachel Csaszar
Tyler Duprey
Heather Farr
Alyssa Hansen
Charles Harville
Courtney Hessenauer
Sarah Holt
Natalie Knoth
Amanda Lucci
Anna Luczkow
Lauren McGrath
Evan Millward
Emma Morehart
Lauren Nolan
Jamie Ratermann
Bethany Scott
Ashley Showen
Kate Smith
Amanda Stefanik
Sandie Marie Young

If you’ve read your emails from Debbie DePeel lately, you know that we’re currently taking applications for next year’s ambassador cohort. If you, too, want to talk to prospective students about the school, take VIP guests from point A to point B, and yes, get a cool black shirt with your name on it, stop by Scripps 106 to pick up an application. Due date: five p.m. on June 1.

April 25, 2011


by Anonymous Coward on 04/27/2011

They can’t be any more diverse than the pool of applicants affords. Would you want the school to reject qualified applicants to seek out and choose people who didn’t take the time to apply, just in order to be diverse?

by Anonymous Coward on 04/28/2011

It’s simply about recruiting. The same way the university and the Scripps school does for student body diversity. Shouldn’t the Ambassadors reflect the face of the school they represent? There have been more diverse groups of Scripps Ambassadors in the past. I’ve seen so. I know it’s a realistic expectation.

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