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re: the Ad Club win

To provide some perspective on the Ad Club’s win in the National Student Advertising Competition I asked its founder, Prof. Tom Peters (Emeritus), for his thoughts.

I was a judge during the first year of the American Advertising Federation National Student

Advertising Competition (AAFNSAC). The following year two student leaders and I began the Ohio University Advertising Club and won the regional competition. This district (District 5, Ohio West Virginia, Kentucky) has commonly featured more universities competing than any other in the country.

During the next eight years I advised the club, we won the regional competition a total of five times, placing well nationally each time. This year is the only national first place finish.

Nearly all schools conduct a special advertising campaigns class to prepare their entry. Here, it has always been the focal point of Ad Club activities.

Each year the competition is sponsored by a major corporation and coordinated by the American Advertising Federation, the largest association of advertising professionals in the country.

Their plans book and presentation were exceptional. They worked hard. They worked smart. It’s a talented bunch with stellar leadership.

Their accomplishment will generate national coverage in the advertising/marketing press.

Tom Peters (founder of Ad Club and long-time associate director of the jschool)

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posted in: ad club, advertising
June 9, 2008

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