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Q2S advising information

This page offers details about special academic advising designed to help students transition from quarters to semesters. In the FAQ section below, we have tried to anticipate some of your questions about the switch to semesters. Check back here as we update the info throughout the school year.

In January, the School of Journalism will send you an email with information about when the advising begins and how to sign up. As with regular academic advising, your adviser will place a sign-up sheet on his or her office door. You will need to sign up for a specific time. Transition advising will take approximately 30 minutes.

At your transition advising appointment your faculty adviser will have available your DARS and a Transition Degree Completion Form. This one-page document acts as a guide to the courses you will need to complete your degree. During this meeting, you will see how the credit hours you have already completed under quarters translate to semester hours, and you will plot a course of action to finish your requirements.

To prepare for transition advising, come with some ideas about what courses you are considering taking spring quarter 2012. You might want to take a look at the Transition Degree Completion Form and review the checksheet that shows requirements of the News & Information and Strategic Communications tracks in the semester curriculum.


Q. I am a senior. Do I need to make a transition advising appointment?

A. No, not if you plan to apply for graduation prior to the switch to semesters in fall quarter 2012.

Q. I am studying abroad winter quarter. What should I do?

A. Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser shortly after spring quarter 2012 begins.

Q. I am a dual major. Do I need to schedule a transition advising appointment with my faculty adviser for each major?

A. Yes.

For more School of Journalism Q2S information:

Undergraduate students, contact:
Dr. Hugh Martin
Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies

Graduate students, contact:
Dr. Michael Sweeney
Associate Director for Graduate Studies

For more Ohio University Q2S information:

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August 17, 2011

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