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Benoit recognizes JSchool student innovation

At yesterday’s “Creating the Future: Managing the Media in a Digital Age” conference, Provost Pam Benoit gave in her opening remarks a major shout out to two journalism students who have taken a deep-dive in the world of media innovation.

The conference, organized in large part by the JSchool’s Hugh Martin, brought together academics and media moguls from the region, including keynoter Rich Boehne, CEO of the Scripps Company. Here’s the key part of Provost Benoit’s remarks, following the usual greetings and salutations:

Now I will move from my ceremonial role of Executive Vice President and Provost to my true identity as a student of communication.

But whatever emerges from your discussions, those of us who are associated with the Scripps College of Communication will be taking copious notes. We have the privilege and the responsibility of helping to educate the young people who will be the media mavens of the future.

I hope that you have a chance while you are here to interact with our students. They have their brains wrapped around media in ways that people who can quote Buffalo Springfield from memory are never likely to match.

Ian and Niklos wanted to be able to instantly connect the print medium with online content while seamlessly providing access to online communities. They developed bar codes that can be printed on any item. By scanning the bar code with a smart phone, a reader will be given access to social media and web content. Flare Code also allows the user to comment on that content and access the comments of others.

There is a sense on the part of people who are 30 and older that there is too much information courtesy of the internet, but Ian and Niklos seem to view this state of affairs as being beneficial. They are trusting consumers to build their own filters rather than relying on the gold seals of approval provided by a national network or by a storied media outlet like the New York Times.

In response to a question about transparency Ian said:

Perhaps. But further on in the interview I found some common ground with Ian. In response to a question about how he would want to be remembered—a rather breath-taking question to ask someone who is still in his twenties—Ian replied:

It was a great conference, and a great day for the Scripps College and the students of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Thanks, Provost Benoit.

September 9, 2011

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