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JStudents head east, west

One of the great things about teaching journalism at Ohio University is seeing our students venture out beyond their comfort zone. Learning about lands and peoples beyond their immediate horizon, our students are preparing themselves for careers that span the globe.

The John R. Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence Internship program provides several students each year the chance to do an internship overseas. Eric Hornbeck is interning with in London this summer. Justin Thompson will join the banking publication this fall. You can read Eric’s blog to keep up with his UK-based internship. Meanwhile, Maria Gallucci is headed to the AP bureau in Mexico City this fall for her John R. Wilhelm internship. I’ll post more information about other Wilhelm internships as they develop in the fall.

Julia Marino, who interned with the Common Language Project last fall, continues to write about her experience in Africa on her blog. And Ernest Waititu continues his innovative coverage of the African continent on, a site he developed as part of his master’s degree professional project.

The RSS feed from Rachael Blugger’s blog pulled a remarkable story up on the JSchool Web site. She recently left the homeland for a stint in Cambodia. You can keep up with Rachael’s southeast Asian adventure at One of her recent posts includes this picture of a fried frog she was about to consume.

Shortly after arriving in Cambodia Rachael posted this video blog

I’ll take this occasion to announce an upcoming transition for the Institute for International Journalism. With my duties as associate director of the JSchool, and with the arrival on the faculty of Yusuf Kalyango, the IIJ will now be under the watchcare and supervision of a true international journalist. Hailing from Uganda, and recently finishing up a Ph.D. at the University of Missouri, Prof. Kalyango brings a wealth of experience to the program. The JSchool and the Institute are extremely fortunate to have Yusuf on board.

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