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Hell on Wheels, and more

Last quarter’s issue of Southeast Ohio Magazine featured a story about “A Sisterhood of Skaters,” otherwise known as roller derby.

The story, written by Audrey Rabalais, caught my attention because my daughter, a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin, took up roller derby last year and very much delights in telling me of this recent “bout” or that. For Christmas this year she gave me a T-shirt with her number (594) and derby nickname (“Maul’s Dolls”) on the back.

Rabalais’ article gave me an understanding of the sport’s appeal, and filled in some knowledge gaps about the regional popularity of roller derby.

Other articles in the same issue touched on the coal mine industry, the Underground Railroad, a bed and breakfast in Logan, Ohio, country rappers, and one of my favorites — a journalist born in 1844 New Lexington who became a foreign correspondent covering major international conflicts.

For these stories and much, much more, go to your local newsstand and pick up a copy of the Winter 2012 issue of Southeast Ohio magazine — the one with Rena Loebker, an Athens, Ohio baker, in full roller derby gear.

January 10, 2012

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