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Faculty advisers prepare for transition advising

This snowy morning, the faculty took a Big Step toward preparing for the Big Switch to semesters.

Prof. Ellen Gerl, designated by the JSchool as the “leader of the pack” on Q2S, led us through an advising workshop to get us all ready to complete so-called “TDCP”* forms with our students over the course of the next few weeks.

Advising workshop for quarters-to-semesters

Yes, it’s the task we all knew would come: The creation each student’s customized academic plan for graduation. Given the university’s switch to the semester plan, plus the JSchool’s overhaul of our curriculum, this transition can seem overwhelming. Completing the TDCP is a way to confront reality, to sort out what concerns are real and what concerns are based on myth.

If you are an undergraduate journalism major, here’s the takeaway from this morning’s workshop: BEFORE your upcoming advising session, download the TDCP form as well as Q2S Checksheet; using that checksheet as a guide, fill out (using a pencil!) the TDCP form as a preliminary plan for completing your degree. Bring that TDCP form with you to your advising session as a kind of conversation “starter.” By the end of the advising session, you and your adviser will have the final TDCP form completed and signed. All of those TDCP forms will be forwarded to me or Prof. Hugh Martin for another sign-off before it is forwarded to the dean’s office for a last look-over. Once the dean’s office has signed off on your TDCP form, your plan will be official.

One final point about the TDCP form. Yes, you can still graduate if you make a change or two to your plan, but be advised that you should check with your adviser if/when you make such changes. The greater the change, the greater the urgency to check with your adviser.

*“Transitional Degree Completion Plan”

January 13, 2012

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