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NY Times publishes blog post by senior j-student

Jschool senior Matt Pentz’ article about Zambia’s national soccer team is in today’s New York Times soccer blog (After Tragedy, Zambia Triumphs).

In the article, Pentz writes about how the team’s victory over favored Ivory Coast in the recent Africa Cup of Nations has helped the nation recover from the loss of the nation’s team in a 1993 airplane crash.

The preceding 120 minutes were scoreless, as the underdog Zambians traded blows with the Elephants. The pivotal moment came midway through the second half, when Didier Drogba, the Chelsea striker who is one of many European club stars on the Ivory Coast team, fired his penalty shot well over the bar.

The tension surrounding such an emotional game meant that each chance came at a premium, but it the end, it was Zambia that withstood the pressure.

February 15, 2012

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