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Recent grad covering news in Cairo

Within days of graduating from the JSchool at the end of the summer, Heather Moore was on a plane to Cairo. Her goal was to freelance stories about Egyptian women.

Moore caught the international reporting bug during her days on campus.
Against the advice of concerned friends and family members, she set off on her path for Egypt at the peak of the Arab Spring movement.

Since her arrival in Cairo nearly six months ago, she has traveled throughout the region, studied Arabic, and yes, begun covering stories about issues facing Egyptian women.

Here are some recent articles, published in the Daily News Egypt.

Experts weigh in on low female representation in parliament

Egypt drops 25 spots on 2011 Global Peace Index

Egypt firmly backs Syria change but not from outside

Moore’s goal is to develop more sources and start freelancing similar stories. “Once I’ve built up some more contacts with the help of the newspaper’s reputation, I will be a better freelancer.”

Reporting news in the region has many challenges, according to Moore. But she’s exactly where she wants to be, and doing exactly what she wants to be doing. Stay tuned for more of her coverage.

When asked about her interest in international news, Heather responded:

“I suppose I just always knew I wanted to do international journalism. I read Anderson Cooper’s memoirs in high school. When he graduated from Yale, he bought a plane ticket to Burma. I found that really inspiring. The fall of my senior year at OU, I had a vivid dream where I was freelancing in Cairo and I was really happy. Then, I woke up with this strong feeling that I was meant to go to Egypt when I graduated. The Arab spring broke out a few months later and then this dream made sense—this was my Burma. That’s about it. But I always knew I was going to pull an Anderson Cooper after graduation. That’s why I did the Europe in the World exchange program my junior year—to make sure I would be able to travel alone and do international journalism after I graduated. That was a test run and it really prepared me for this step.”

Read more about Heather Moore in Her Campus.

February 16, 2012

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