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Statehouse News Bureau doubles, adds new media partners

I’m very happy to report that the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Statehouse News Bureau is going gangbusters. In case you missed it, winter quarter fellows Pat Holmes and Deanna Pan had major stories on the front of Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch (see the entire list of bureau stories).

For spring quarter we’ve been able to increase the size of the Statehouse News Bureau staff from two (in fall and winter quarters) to four, while also adding The Cleveland Plain Dealer and WBNS/ONN as media partners.

What’s most exciting about the bureau is that we’re getting support and encouragement from a wide array of “partners,” including the Scripps Howard Foundation, The Columbus Dispatch, WOUB, and now the PD and WBNS/ONN. We’re also getting students from other campuses involved, which makes this one of the most “ecumenical” (in the secular sense) educational enterprises I’ve ever witnessed, all for the cause of public affairs reporting and statehouse news coverage. Very heady stuff, especially given that we only launched the program in September.

A particularly exciting development this quarter is the addition of a broadcast news partner, WBNS/ONN. This week, bureau fellow Alyssa Hansen filed reports for WOUB, including this one about first responders to the Chardon High School shootings (as it appeared on WOUB). In addition to text for the website, Alyssa filed this video report:

I want to congratulate Tom Suddes for his leadership on the bureau program. He’s doing a great job, as are the students.

Very soon we’ll begin recruiting students for fall semester, and shortly after that for spring semester. More students, getting great public affairs reporting experience, helping inform the citizens of Ohio about their state legislature. Good (and important) stuff. Stay tuned for more good news.

April 3, 2012

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