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Scholarships announced at 2012 banquet

Every year at our banquet we hand out journalism scholarships to outstanding students. This year we awarded more than $130,000. We also recognize our top graduating seniors. Here’s the list of this year’s awardees. Congratulations!

Listen to the banquet awards program.

Richard O. Linke Scholarship:
Heather Bartman

Robert L and Teri W. Gerbig:
Hilary Johnson

Scripps Howard Multicultural Scholarship:
Lo Martinez

Dan Lowe Memorial Scholarship:
Seth Austin

Lawrence R. Tavcar Memorial Scholarship:
Stephanie Cesear

Leon Harris Scholarship:
Na’ Tyra Green

Ralph Izard/Post Scholarship:
Rachel Sayers

College of Communication General Scholarship:
Hayley Geiler, Kelsi Bowes, Julia Norris

Anonymous College of Communication Scholarship:
Camisha Vigil

Helen Hoover Scholarship:
Amy Worrell and Bradley Parks

Andrew Alexander Scholarship:
Mayuri Mei Lin and Adrienne Green

Jeffery Chaddock Scholarship:
Nicole Ranieri

Frank Deaner Scholarship:
Kaitlyn Richert

Patricia Westfall Magazine Scholarship:
Wesley Mayberry

Kay Murphy Price Scholarship:
Lindsay Boyle and Brooke Bunce

Edward J. Martin Memorial Scholarship:
Brandon Carte

Central Ohio Professional Chapter of the SPJ Scholarship:
Gina Mussio

Cortland Anderson Award:
Colleen O’Morrow and Ann Watercutter

Loren Joseph Hortin Scholarship:
Molly Vignos

Mike Vaughn Scholarship:
Kellie Snyder and Marissa McDaid

Ron H. Iori Scholarship:
Rebecca Myers

Marc and Lila Rosenweig Scholarship:
Tessa Dufresne and MaryKate McHugh

Guido Stempel Scholarship:
Rachel Swalin

Tom and Susan Crites Price Scholarship:
Sarah Grothjan

Athens News-Bob Baker Scholarship:
Lindsay Boyle

Fred Palmer Scholarship in Journalism:
Sara Vallone

Jesse and Ruth Zousmer Scholarship:
Sandhya Kambhampati

Frances & Margaret Channell Scholarship:
Shannon Miranda

Tom Turnbull Memorial Scholarship:
Kelsey Morrow-Fox

Eliza Alcorn Clark Memorial Scholarship:
Seaira Christian-Daniels

Joseph Lichtenberg Memorial Scholarship:
Morgan Sigrist

Ford Scholarship:
Zainab Kandeh

George and Dorothy Pursley Messerly Scholarship: Rachel Haas

Scripps Howard Foundation/Sue Porter Scholarship: Holly Storrow

Scripps Howard Foundation/Boyd D. Lewis Scholarship: Kailey Adams

Scripps Howard Foundation: Morgan Overbey

Freedom Scholarship: Bingxin Huang (Sophia)

Emerson “Vic” Sherow Memorial Scholarship: Alex Felser

Joel M. Needle Memorial Scholarship:
Carly Damman

Robert Baker Scholarship:
Nicole Spears

George Starr Lasher Living Legacy Scholarship:
Lauren Nolan

Herb Moss Business/Economics Writing Scholarship:
Pat Holmes

Herb Moss Business of Baseball Scholarship: Allan Smith

Lasher-Evarts Quality of Writing: Lindsay Friedman

Apgar Ethics Award:
Pat Holmes

Don Perris Scholarship Internship:
Kate Irby, Tanya Parker, Rob Schreier, Maddie Gaither

Scripps Multimedia Internship Grant:
Kelly Gifford

Russell N. Baird High School Editor’s Award:
Emily Mueting

Bob and ‘Koky’ Dishon Scholarship:
Tim Carrico

Marc and Lila Rosenweig Scholarship:
Erin Craine and Madison Moss

Ron H. Iori Scholarship:
Alexandra Bergin

Robert L. and Teri W. Gerbig Graduate Scholarship:
Audrey Bonfig

John R. Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence Awards:

Sagar Atre, New York or Washington DC (Bob Considine Scholarship)
Brendon Butler, Senegal (Cornelius Ryan Scholarship)
Katie Donaldson, Israel (Fleischer and John Wilhelm Scholarships)
Adam Flango, Israel (Fleischer Scholarship)
Matt Pentz, Ukraine (Cornelius Ryan and Bob Considine Scholarships)
Taylor Poole, Niger (Maxine Stewart Scholarship)

Top Graduating Seniors:

Advertising: Chad Harville
Broadcast Journalism: Eric “Tanner” Smith
Carr Van Anda: Michaela Meaney
Honors Tutorial College: Rachel Ferchak
Magazine Journalism: Justin Williams
News Editorial: Pam Engel
Online Journalism: Alison Wichie
Public Relations: Heather Farr
Overall: Taylor Mirfendereski and Alexandra Stuckey

May 7, 2012

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