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MidDay signs off

When I interviewed for my job at Ohio University back in 1987, ACTV-7 News was one of the “classes” I observed. It was televised from Studio C in the RTV building, but moved to a studio in Scripps Hall shortly after I arrived on campus to teach.

A few years ago we renamed the program “Athens MidDay,” and moved it to Studio B in the RTV building, home of WOUB’s “Newswatch” program. Regardless of the studio, ACTV-7 News and MidDay were very important parts of the educational experience for broadcast journalism majors here at OU.

So why is it going away? In a word: semesters. Of course, that’s too simple of an explanation. This video report by Michael Locklear tells the history of the program, and why yesterday was its final day.

June 1, 2012

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