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The real meaning of Homecoming

This week we’re enjoying a series of “homecomings” that make me appreciate the full meaning of the word.

Friday afternoon (Oct. 11), recent alums Ryan Lytle (BSJ ’08) and Evan Millward (BSJ ’11) return to campus to talk to freshmen about their careers. And Saturday’s reception at 11 a.m. in the Scripps Atrium no doubt will bring many alumni back into our midst.

Video playlist of alumni who returned for Homecoming.

But earlier this week the homecomings already got started. Tony Meale (MSJ ’08) was campus this past Tuesday to talk to 200+ freshmen in JOUR 1010 about his new book, “The Chosen Ones: The Team That Beat LeBron.” And yesterday we welcomed back to campus Ernest Waititu (MSJ ’07) as the Glidden Visiting Professor, marking the “Year for African Journalism“ on campus. Ernest will speak in JOUR 1010 later this semester after journalism in Africa. At the same time of Ernest’s reception, Lauren Corna (BSJ ’10) was talking to students in Ad Club. Today we’re hosting Dr. Hong Ji (Ph.D. ’05) from the Pew Research Center. She’s speaking in Prof. Hugh Martin’s Research Methods course as well as in my JOUR 1010 class.

Earlier this semester we’ve hosted alums Jeff Howe, who teaches at Northeastern University in Boston, as well as Sara Schonhardt, freelancer for the New York Times in Jakarta.

Finally, let me close by acknowledging that the support we get from alumni takes place all year-round, and as the director of the school, I’m very grateful for it.

October 11, 2012


by Anonymous Coward on 10/11/2012

So wish I could be joining everyone. Have a great homecoming, Dr. Stewart and crew!

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