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Glidden Visiting Professor delivers lectures, speeches at several events

Since his arrival at Ohio University in early October, Glidden Visiting Professor Ernest Waititu has spoken in several classes and panels, as well as at other events.

Additionally, he has spoken in classes such as Community Journalism and Modern Africa.

Other events where Waititu has made appearances include a program called Africa Crossroads and a program celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Communication and Development Studies program. During the latter, Waititu presented about one of his papers.

On Oct. 24, just two days after the presidential debate on foreign policy, Waititu spoke at a Students for Global Media and Diversity meeting about some of the perceptions of U.S. foreign policy held by citizens in developing nations in Africa.

Waititu explained that he typically sets up his lectures in a way that encourages student participation, and said the method has been successful so far.

He described his professorship as a cycle of sorts, because, although he has been regularly teaching and mentoring students, he has also been receiving mentoring from Yusuf Kalyango, director of the Institute for International Journalism, and Steve Howard, director of the African Studies Program.

Waititu said he has enjoyed both the teaching and learning aspects of his time as the Glidden Visiting Professor.

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November 4, 2012

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