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Journalism Awards Banquet draws record number

Giving out scholarships and top-graduating senior awards is an annual highlight for the faculty of the JSchool. But this year was different for several reasons.

First, attendance was a record high, with nearly 250 students, family members, faculty and donors in attendance.

But most important, we gave away a record amount in scholarships more than $160K, a 15% increase from just last year. Thank the stock market, but also we should thank our generous donors.

A number of the scholarships were brand new this year. But most were ongoing scholarships, either from endowments or from annual gifts. One donor worth noting is Frank Deaner (BSJ ’67), who provides two scholarships each year. The Frank Deaner Scholarship ($1500) this year was awarded to Adrienne Green.

Frank also provides a unique scholarship (also $1500) to the school’s top graduating senior, to help in the transition to the “real” world.

This year the faculty selected Kate Irby as the school’s top graduating senior.

Here’s the complete list of scholarships and winners:

Richard O. Linke Scholarship: Kerry Tuttle

Robert L and Teri W. Gerbig: Cassie Kelly

Dan Lowe Memorial Scholarship: Emily Mueting and Morgan Overbey

Lawrence R. Tavcar Memorial Scholarships: Ben Postlethwait and Josh Lim

Leon Harris Scholarship: Tajah Smith

Ralph Izard/Post Scholarship: Will Drabold

College of Communication General Scholarships: Jasmine Grillmeier and
Anjelica Oswald

Jeffrrey Chaddock Leadership Scholarship: Ann Watercutter

Helen Hoover Scholarship: Ashley Osborne and Zainab Kandeh

Andrew Alexander Scholarship: Na’Tyra Green and Kayla Beard

Frank Deaner Scholarship: Adrienne Green

Patricia Westfall Magazine Scholarship: Maureen Mierke

Kay Murphy Price Scholarships: Lindsay Friedman, James Ryan, and Carly Maurer

Edward J. Martin Memorial Scholarship: Trista Thurston

Central Ohio Professional Chapter of the SPJ Scholarship: Meryl Gottlieb

Cortland Anderson Award: Olivia Bower and Austin Ambrose

Loren Joseph Hortin Scholarship: Melaina Lewis

Ron H. Iori Scholarships: Sam Howard, Kyle Wiggers, and Emily Beekman

Marc and Lila Rosenweig Scholarship: Cassandra Fait

Guido Stempel Scholarship: Alexis Johns

Tom and Susan Crites Price Scholarship: William Perkins

Athens News-Bob Baker Scholarship: Nadia Kurtz

Fred Palmer Scholarship in Journalism: Angela Reighard

Ruth and Jesse Zousmer Scholarship: Taylor Petras

Frances & Margaret Channell Scholarship: Sarah Rachul

SPM Marketing & Communications Advertising Scholarship: Corina Rolko

Tom Turnbull Memorial Scholarship: Allison Evans

John W. Wiater Scholarship: Juliana Scheiderer

Eliza Alcorn Clark Memorial Scholarship: Aunjanna’ Million

Joseph Lichtenberg Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Breedlove

Ford Scholarship: Zahara Pruitt

George and Dorothy Pursley Messerly Scholarship: Jessica Carnprobst

Scripps Howard Foundation/Sue Porter Scholarship: Justin Holbrock

Scripps Howard Foundation/Boyd D. Lewis Scholarship: Olivia Hitchcock

Scripps Howard Foundation Scholarships: Victoria Knueven, Lindsey Zimmerman, and Lauren Casarona

Emerson “Vic” Sherow Memorial Scholarship: Sara Jerde

Joel M. Needle Scholarship: Brittani Roper

Memorial Tournament Scholarships

Robert Baker Scholarship: Cidnye Weimer

George Starr Lasher Living Legacy Scholarships: Conor Morris and Jordan Simmons

Herb Moss Business of Baseball Scholarship: Emily Rorris

Lasher-Evarts Quality of Writing: Samantha Schooler

Apgar Ethics Award: Ryan Powers

Don Perris Internship Scholarships: Regina Donizetti, Allison Rumsas, Jacob Betzner, and Christopher Saulnier

Klauber Internship Grants: Kate Hiller and Graham Fugazzi

Scripps Multimedia Internship Grant: Danielle Keeton-Olsen

Russell N. Baird High School Editor’s Award: Mary Tilton

Bob and ‘Koky’ Dishon Scholarships: Samantha Miller, Kate Schroeder, Courtney Spiess

Marc and Lila Rosenweig Scholarships: Megan Henry, Luke Furman, and Amy Schmitt

Alvin Adams Journalism Scholarship: Lauren Cartwright

Robert L. and Teri W. Gerbig Graduate Scholarship: Ayleen Cabas Mijares

April 28, 2014

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