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World expert on media ethics receives top research award

Thanks to Bill Reader for the following release:

One of the world’s leading authorities on media ethics will be giving a lecture Thursday evening at Ohio University titled Truth in the Age of Global Media. Clifford Christians, Research Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois, will give the talk as the recipient of the highest award for scholarly research presented by the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism.

The award presentation and lecture will be given at 7 p.m. Thursday in the lobby of the Schoonover Center for Communication.

Christians is the recipient of the 2014 Guido H. Stempel III Award for Journalism and Mass Communication Research, which recognizes distinguished careers in media scholarship and is named after the J-Schools most prominent and respected media scholars and a long-time editor of the research journal Journalism Quarterly.

This year marks Christians 40th anniversary as a faculty member at Illinois, where he started in 1974 as an assistant professor of journalism. At Illinois, Christians has served as associate director for graduate studies, the Charles H. Sandage Distinguished Professor, and as director of the Institute of Communications Research. He is co-author of 13 scholarly books, including Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning, one of the most popular textbooks about the subject. In addition, he has written more than 65 book chapters and monographs and nearly 100 journal articles and essays. He has served on the editorial boards of 28 different research journals around the world, and is the recipient of more than 50 awards and fellowships. He became research professor emeritus at Illinois in 2010.

Cliff Christians is the biggest name in media ethics education and research, said Robert Stewart, director of the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism. His work has influenced generations of students and scholars to think carefully about professional ethics and to strive for the highest ethical standards in their work.

The Stempel Award was launched in 2013 to recognize research that has had on the street impact benefitting the professions of journalism and related mass-communication fields. It was named in honor of Stempel, who joined the faculty at Ohio University in 1965 and was instrumental in expanding and improving the discipline of journalism research throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries. From 1972 to 1989, he was editor of Journalism Quarterly, the flagship research journal of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

I have been inspired by (Stempels) intelligent mind and collegial demeanor while advancing journalism education, Christians remarked when notified of the award. His influence in our generation of scholarship was immense, wide and long lasting. Few scholars have been so respected so widely.

The 2013 recipient of the Stempel Award was Pamela Shoemaker (BSJ, MS, 1972), the John Ben Snow Professor of Communications at Syracuse University, a leading expert on journalistic gatekeeping.

For more information, contact Robert Stewart, director of the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, at 740-593-2601 or

October 4, 2014

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