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PhD student Burton Speakmen publishes in peer-reviewed journal

PhD student Burton Speakman published his first academic article, “Interactivity and Political Communication: New Media Tools and Their Impact on Public Political Communication,” in the Journal of Media Critiques, a peer-reviewed publication.

Speakman is a second-year doctoral student. The papers method section began in Dr. Hugh Martins methods course, Journalism 8060, while the theory section received its start in Dr. Jatin Srivastavas theory course, Journalism 8030.

Based on the interactivity theory, this study examines relationships among peoples political media commentaries online. Data from Pew Research Center (N = 2,253) shows that those who actively participated in political discourse using traditional methods were more likely to make statements on newspaper websites and social media about politics.

It is unusual for a graduate student to publish a paper based on introductory graduate-level classwork, particularly in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

August 28, 2015

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