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PhD student Burton Speakman co-authors book chapter

PhD student Burton Speakman is a co-author with Associate Professor Hans Meyer on chapter that will appear in the upcoming book Challenges and Trends in the New Age of Human-Mobile Interaction. The chapter is entitled Journalists and Mobile: Melding Social Media and Social Capital.

Speakman is a second-year doctoral student.

The chapter examines how social media efforts have been used to attempt to create action in the offline world. Meyer and Speakman explored these questions by first defining social media in terms of real world and social media application. Next we explored the connection between the goals and mission of journalism as it related to social capital and community building. Finally, we examined several examples, including what has been written of Carvins work during the Arab Spring, to suggest that while social media has evolved to defy early social media theorists predictions, it often needs the influence of journalists to shine a light on whats most important and help vet information to reveal what is true and what is unsubstantiated rumor or needless hyperbole.

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March 23, 2016

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