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So, youre interested in journalism but you dont quite know where you want to focus.

How about paying attention to our most recent group of top graduating seniors? After all, great students have something to teach all of us, whether we are their classmates, their professors, or perhaps a prospective student considering studying journalism at Ohio University.

Kirsten Brownrigg was voted the top 2008 graduating senior by the faculty of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

During her time at OU Brownrigg produced “Good Neighbors, Bad Blood” for WOUB (see opening segment, right). The documentary examines the impact of C8, a chemical produced in the region.

In an interview, Brownrigg discusses the experiences she had as a journalism student at OU as well as her decision to select the Carr Van Anda program rather than one of the conventional sequences. Listen to a podcast of the interview.

This year each of our top graduating seniors in the six sequences sat down for an interview.

Ellen Cox, top graduating advertising journalism student. After graduating in June 08 Cox started working at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

Jessica Reimers, top graduating broadcast journalism student.

Maria Gallucci, top graduating HTC journalism student. After graduation Gallucci completed an internship with the Associated Press in Mexico City.

Jen Ator, top graduating magazine student. After graduation Ator started working at Mens Health magazine.

Matt Zapotosky, top graduating news writing and editing student. “Zap” started working at the Washington Post after graduation.

Meghan Louttit, top graduating online journalism student. Louttit started working for after graduation.

Courtney Cooper, top graduating public relations student.

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