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Your tech fee$ at work

During the winter break technology elves gave JSchool classrooms a much needed technology upgrade.

Using tech fee dollars that students pay each quarter, the school hired a university classroom technology crew to make Scripps Hall much “smarter.” Here’s a list of what they did:

1. Anderson Auditorium got a new wide-screen projector, to go along with the summer ’08 upgrades that already had gone a long way toward improving the teaching and learning experience.

2. All other classrooms in Scripps Hall got iMacs and new podiums with loud speakers and laptop connections to go along with the VCR/DVD combo players (no more TV crash carts!). A bonus feature of the iMacs: built-cameras, allowing videoconferencing in any classroom in the building (using Skype, iChat, etc.).

3. Satellite TV is now “in the house,” starting with the kiosk monitor in the main lobby (outside of Scripps 105 and 106). The TV screen on the kiosk now features several news and information programs available on the direcTV satellite network, including Democracy Now! (on the Link channel), Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. The kiosk monitor is programmed to change channels automatically throughout the day, to provide students and other passers-by the chance to see a wide variety of programs.

Students and faculty who wish to make their own program selections can go to Lasher Learning Center, which now features the direcTV service and a comfortable group sitting area. Professors and student organizations using Scripps 111 can access the satellite service as well. Some of the channels included in the service:

Students and faculty are encouraged to stop by Lasher Learning Center to check out one or more of these channels.

December 31, 2008

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