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The Foreign Corresp. Class of 2009 completed the winter quarter course with two international newsletter publications. The two issues of The Globetrotter have already generated some interest from international news organizations around the world.

We have received a total 47 emails from veteran journalists and staffers in several news organizations who have either given feedback or made suggestions on how our students can polish their stories or how we can engender global reach for the newsletter. The list of recipients for our international newsletter is provided at the bottom of this memo.

The Class of 2009 covered and filed about 50 international special reports, produced 98 international current affairs commentaries and op-eds, and also generated data for 25 country beat memos. Our reporters also maintained a tri-weekly online discussion through the IIJ bulletin board, where they reacted to pertinent issues in the news from around the world. Students posted critiques and commentaries on our bulletin discussion board tackling issues ranging from illiberal democracy, peace building, human rights abuses, environmental concerns, and globalization.

The Globetrotter is an international news and current affairs newsletter. The investigative special reports are originally investigated, reported, written, edited, and published by students in conjunction with the Institute for International Journalism.

The first two globetrotter issues featured news articles that focused on a myriad of global challenges such as terrorism, global health, environmental degradation, globalization, gender imbalance, rule of law, and religion. The next issue of The Globetrotter will come out in the fall quarter. Please visit our blog at to read or view what our students have produced.

The Globetrotter is now mailed to the following organizations.

The Overseas Press Club of America

International Federation of Journalists (Paris & London)

International Center for Journalists

Commonwealth Press Union (London)

Knight Center for Journalism Training and Excellence

The World Press Institute

East African Media Institute

The Pulitzer Center for International Crisis Reporting

Project for Excellence in Journalism

Committee of Concerned Journalists

March 31, 2009

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