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How will Cincinnati-area representatives vote on Obamacare replacement?

(March 23, 2017) — Republicans have been dreaming to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act since it became law in 2010. Will they get their chance to do that soon?

Hamilton County commissioner requests almost $1.5 million to fight heroin epidemic

(March 22, 2017) — Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus testified this week before the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Committee, asking for the state to invest nearly $1.5 million to fight the county’s heroin epidemic.

Could Ohio’s next Governor be a Democrat?

(March 16, 2017) — There are about 600 days until voters will have to decide who will fill Gov. John Kasich’s office when his final term is up, but that hasn’t stopped some from throwing their hats into the ring to replace him.

Truancy bill would require call to parent within hour of students absence

(March 12, 2017) — Ohio students who miss school without an excuse can expect a phone call home within an hour of failing to arrive if a truancy bill in the legislature becomes law.

Ohio legislators are responsible for sending people to jail, ACLU report says

(March 9, 2017) — An American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio report claims too many individuals are being sent to prison each year, and they say those at the Statehouse are at fault.

Columbus activists protest Trump’s new immigration bill

(March 7, 2017) — In response to the revamped order that Trump rolled out on Monday, close to 100 people gathered Downtown Tuesday afternoon to protest his plan, saying it’s just another ban on Muslim refugees.

The Daily Briefing: Activists host In Memoriam for the Sen. Rob Portman town hall that never was

(March 6, 2017) — About 200 people filled the rows of the First Unitarian Universalist Church on Sunday night in honor of Sen. Rob Portman’s town hall that never was.

New laws crowding prisons, ACLU says

(March 3, 2017) — The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio asked Thursday that lawmakers temporarily halt adding new criminal offenses and sanctions to state law until the Criminal Justice Recodification Committee, which plans to simplify the criminal code, completes its work later in the two-year session.

Ohio issues record number of concealed-carry permits in 2016

(March 1, 2017) — Ohio issued a record-breaking 158,000 concealed-carry gun permits in 2016, and 75 percent of them were for newly licensed individuals.

Dating violence protection bill passes House with 92-2 vote

(February 28, 2017) — Victims of dating violence would get the ability to obtain civil-protection orders under a bill approved Tuesday by the Ohio House, 92-2.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman denies claims he’s inaccessible to the public

(February 24, 2017) — Sen. Rob Portman denied claims Friday that he was inaccessible to the public and was met with protesters at an event at Columbus State Community College about the state’s opioid crisis.

Proposal would expand program that gives kids state-funded vouchers to attend private schools

(February 24, 2017) — An Ohio Senator hopes to “expand school choice” for students across the state by expanding funding for families that would help them send their children to a private school instead of a public one.

Portman denies keeping Democrats out of political event

(February 24, 2017) — Sen. Rob Portman denied claims that his office prevented Democrats from attending a political dinner where he spoke Wednesday.

College roommate of Trumps Supreme Court nominee says Gorsuch not anti-gay

(February 24, 2017) — The Columbus Lawyers Chapter might not have been able to get Judge Neil Gorsuch to make an appearance, but they invited three of the next best people to a luncheon panel Friday.

Ohio legislators propose bill to mandate cursive proficiency by fifth grade

(February 23, 2017) — Rep. Andrew Brenner, a Republican from Powell, Ohio and Rep. Marilyn Slaby, a Republican from Copley, Ohio have introduced a bill in the Ohio House of Representatives to require the teaching of cursive in Ohio schools.

Who really stopped Dems from attending Portman speech?

(February 23, 2017) — Rob Portman’s press secretary said today the GOP U.S. senator wasn’t the one prevented Democrats from attending a political dinnernner where he spoke Wednesday night.

Portmans office weeds out Democrats from attending his political speech

(February 22, 2017) — Some called off from work to drive two hours north of Ohio State University to hear Sen. Rob Portman speak at a Lincoln Day Dinner, sponsored by the Seneca County Republican Party. Unfortunately, the morning of the the dinner, some ticket holders learned that their tickets had been rescinded and their money refunded because of their political affiliations.

Senator proposes statewide scholarship program for private schools

(February 21, 2017) — In the continued legislative push favoring school choice in Ohio, a lawmaker introduced a plan on Tuesday designed to help middle-class parents afford to send their kids to the private school of their choice.

School Employees Retirement System picks new executive director

(February 17, 2017) — For retired bus drivers, school custodians, cafeteria workers and administrative and educational aides, finding access to health care can be difficult. Richard Stensrud, as newly appointed executive director of SERS, says he is committed to help.

Are local resources enough to combat Ohio’s opioid epidemic?

(February 15, 2017) — At least eight Ohioans die of a drug overdose every day — or one every three hours. That statistic has grown just in the 13 months since Attorney General Mike DeWine held his first statewide opioid-crisis meeting in January 2016. More than 1,200 attended DeWine’s second meeting Tuesday, held at Fellowship Baptist Church in Canal Winchester.