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Justin Conley

(March 28, 2012) — Conley is a senior studying Journalism and Political Science at The Ohio State University. Prior to working as a Statehouse News Bureau Fellow at The Columbus Dispatch, he interned at (614) magazine here in Columbus. He worked for two years at The Lantern, Ohio State’s student-run newspaper, as a reporter and assistant arts editor. He enjoys reading, playing video games, eating and jet skiiing.

Ohio’s mayor’s courts, big business

(July 22, 2012) — The rap sheet against Ohio’s mayor’s courts says that some spend public funds on holiday parties and flower arrangements, fail to properly account for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and use traffic fines to prop up village budgets. Mayor’s courts have long drawn fire from opponents who say it’s time to throw the book at the state’s small-town “speed traps.”

Wild horses pulled woman to auction

(May 12, 2012) — SPRINGFIELD, Ohio Shelly Sessa stood just outside an iron pen, sunlight glinting off her rhinestone belt and dust swirling lightly around her tan cowboy boots.

Casto’s development on Northeast Side gets backing for rezoning

(May 10, 2012) — After months of negotiations with nearby homeowners, Casto Development is a step closer to building offices, homes and apartments near N. Hamilton and Dublin-Granville roads on the Northeast Side.

BMV branch honored for high organ donation rate among customers

(April 30, 2012) — For the eighth time in 10 years, the Hayden Road Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been honored for having the highest organ donor registration rate in Ohio.

‘Squawk box’ aims to deter fowl that foul

(April 21, 2012) — Luke Stedke is used to the reaction by now.

Drug Take-Back Day attacks prescription abuse

(April 17, 2012) — Ohio is addicted. But even as prescription drug abuse continues to leave the state riddled with desperate junkies and early deaths, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is pushing to find the cure.

Kenyon conference tests U.S. nation-building efforts

(April 13, 2012) — After a wave of revolution swept the Middle East last year, academics at Kenyon College questioned the U.S. policy of promoting democracy overseas.

State seeks help for kids in long-term foster care

(April 5, 2012) — Concerned that some children languish in foster care, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is calling together experts to identify solutions.

House OKs limiting right to bench trials

(March 31, 2012) — The Ohio House either leveled the playing field or stood the constitution on its head this week.

Medical-marijuana backers seek funds

(March 31, 2012) — The Ohio Medical Cannabis Association has planted the seed for a ballot initiative that would put the question of medical marijuana to Ohio voters this November, and now it is working to ensure those efforts bear fruit.

Legislation would create stricter set of rules for state’s dog breeders

(March 29, 2012) — The Ohio General Assembly is closer to putting a leash on puppy mills after a seven-year struggle to end what some say is an abusive practice.

Lawmakers honor Chardon “heroes”

(March 29, 2012) — Just a month after a high-school shooting in Chardon left three dead and two seriously wounded, Gov. John Kasich and the General Assembly honored law-enforcement, firefighters, school officials and other first responders for their efforts.

Report: How ‘right to work’ would benefit Ohio

(March 28, 2012) — Just eight months before Election Day, a potential “right-to-work” ballot measure is igniting a political debate over how Ohio can create more jobs.