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Kate Irby

(September 4, 2012) — Kate Irby is a junior studying journalism in the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. Her fellowship is with the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Columbus Bureau. Back in Athens she is the editor-in-chief of The New Political, a photographer for Thread Magazine and a former account executive for the Scripps PR team.

Kate has also interned with Congressional Quarterly in Washington, reporting on the Supreme Court. Her hometown is Columbus, Ohio

Ohio weighing lots of factors before deciding whether to expand Medicaid

(December 24, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Many major provisions in the federal Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare don’t kick in until 2014, but that doesn’t mean state officials can sit on their hands.

Ohio schools face new grading system under proposed legislation

(December 7, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio The House’s passage of the latest Republican-backed education bill that implements a more demanding evaluation system for schools, along with other significant changes, will put Democrats and teachers on the defensive as the bill moves into the Senate next week.

Ohio House OKs regulations to help guide businesses on Obamacare insurance exchanges

(December 6, 2012) — Columbus Ohio lawmakers are moving a bill through the General Assembly providing the state with regulatory authority over so-called healthcare navigators, who will guide both individuals and small businesses through the healthcare exchanges mandated under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the bill established the healthcare navigators).

Divorce cases could be easier in Ohio with new legislation

(December 5, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Divorce proceedings should become less time-consuming, less expensive and easier on both couples and children following the passage of legislation Tuesday.

Ohio bill would strengthen laws banning synthetic drugs

(November 14, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Lawmakers have sought to ban synthetic drugs such as bath salts and incense, which can cause paranoid and violent reactions in their abusers.

New Ohio law aims at deterring scrap-metal thieves

(November 12, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Determined thieves have gone to great lengths to get their hands on valuable scrap metal.

DNA profiles can be kept indefinitely, Ohio Supreme Court rules in Cleveland case

(November 2, 2012) — OLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that if the state legally obtains DNA from a suspect, investigators can keep the DNA profile indefinitely, whether or not the suspect is found guilty.

Ohio Issue 2 supporters say long ballot summary is confusing voters

(November 1, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Advocates of Issue 2 say they are worried that an overly long description of the issue on the ballot is confusing voters.

Ohio legislation would give further legal protection to juveniles

(October 26, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Ohio legislators are taking action to try to ensure that courts offer juveniles the same legal rights as adults after a recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling.

Ohio teachers seek a voice in state legislature by running for office

(October 25, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Remember last year’s Senate Bill 5? The legislation that cut public employees’ power to collectively bargain, which was met with some support, a lot of outrage and ultimately a ballot measure that struck it down?

Ohio GOP puts out ad depicting Ohio Supreme Court candidate as sympathetic to rapists

(October 25, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Ohio Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp is distancing himself from a 15-second television ad produced by the Ohio Republican Party meant to aid his re-election campaign that claims his opponent sympathizes with rapists.

Ohio’s high Medicaid cost estimates questioned by some experts

(October 24, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s administration says it is bracing for a billion-dollar hit.

Nurses group wants schools to be able to act quickly in food allergy emergencies

(October 4, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio When a child suffers a severe allergic reaction, treatment must be delivered quickly. If not, the child could go into a coma or even die.

Ohio Constitution to get a thorough review

(September 24, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio While the presidential election is getting most of the attention on this November’s ballot, Ohioans will also decide whether it’s time to tinker with some of the guiding principles of this state Ohio’s constitution.

Ohio consumer groups concerned about bill that could limit landline phone service

(September 20, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Consumer advocacy groups this week expressed their continued opposition to a bill moving through the Ohio legislature that would allow phone companies to withdraw landline phone service in some parts of the state.

Ohio truckers helping state patrol nab criminals in new ‘Truck Shield’ program

(September 14, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Trucker Chad Brinker noticed a glow, like that of a cigarette tip, appear in a car beside him as he drove north on Interstate 71 in late July. But it didn’t look quite right, and when the car’s driver handed something to the passenger, he realized it was a marijuana pipe. He reported the incident.

Ohio lawmakers give final OK to public pension reforms

(September 13, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Beginning in January, many Ohio public workers will face increased pension contribution rates and higher retirement-age requirements changes included in a package of public pension reforms Ohio lawmakers approved Wednesday with bipartisan support.

Absentee ballot applications in the mail to Ohioans

(September 1, 2012) — All registered voters in Ohio will soon receive an application to vote absentee in the November election.

Ohio texting-while-driving ban takes effect Friday

(August 29, 2012) — COLUMBUS, Ohio Texting while driving becomes illegal throughout Ohio Friday. But you can’t be penalized for it until March 1.