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Pamela Engel

(September 5, 2012) — Pamela Engel graduated from Ohio University in June, 2012 with a degree in journalism. She is a fellow at the Columbus Dispatch, where she interned this summer. She has also worked at the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire in Washington, D.C. as a political reporting intern and at the New York Observer in New York City as a real estate reporting intern.

Ohio’s youngest inmates have become its most dangerous

(December 30, 2012) — The most violent prisons in Ohio aren’t the maximum-security facilities or those housing Death Row inmates.They’re those holding teenager.

Planned Parenthood bill gets panel’s OK

(November 15, 2012) — Hours of testimony from those who oppose a bill that would cut funding for Planned Parenthood didn’t sway most House of Representatives committee members who voted on it.

Voters swayed by names, parties say

(November 8, 2012) — Neither Democrats nor Republicans lost a spot on the state’s highest court, but the parties still voiced frustration with how the election turned out.

Ohio Supreme Court: 2 incumbent justices sent packing by voters

(November 7, 2012) — Two sitting Ohio Supreme Court justices, one Republican and one Democrat, were unseated in yesterday’s election, marking the first time in recent history that two incumbents were removed from the state’s top court.

Libertarian Gary Johnson challenges whats a wasted ballot

(November 3, 2012) — STREETSBORO, Ohio Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, on the ballot in Ohio, doesn’t expect to win Tuesday’s election. All he’s asking for is 5 percent of the vote.

Opening of absentee ballots under way, but not tallying

(November 1, 2012) — Workers have started the long process of opening the thousands of absentee ballots that have flowed in for this month’s election.

Partisan dating sites lure politically minded

(November 1, 2012) — For some people, the scenario would be nightmarish: going on a great first date, only to learn later that the seemingly perfect match leans toward the opposite end of the political spectrum or doesn’t even care about politics.

Illegal signs litter the campaign trail

(October 12, 2012) — What has become an accepted campaign-season tradition planting candidate signs along highway medians, freeway exits and on street corners is, in fact, illegal.

Chance to register for Nov. 6 passes

(October 10, 2012) — The deadline for registering to vote in the fall election in Ohio passed yesterday, and some Columbus residents were taking extra steps to make sure they can cast a ballot on Nov. 6.

Avoid the crush; keep stink bugs outside

(October 10, 2012) — Stink bugs invade our homes when the weather turns cold and make their presence known when we try to shoo them away.

OSU team creates high-tech salad bar for future NASA missions

(October 7, 2012) — When astronauts fly to Mars and other far-flung destinations across the galaxy, they won’t have to rely solely on freeze-dried meat and powdered meals for sustenance.

At East High, parade tradition marches on

(October 6, 2012) — Dozens of spectators followed a procession of cheerleaders, dancers and band members decked out in orange and black uniforms as they made their way down Greenway Avenue last night.

Funding limits restrict help for youth offenders

(October 4, 2012) — An alternative to locking up juvenile offenders is working, a study says, but Ohio needs to find a better way to pay for it. The program, started in 1993, encourages counties to commit fewer juveniles to state youth prisons. Instead, low- and moderate-risk youths are treated in community-based programs.

Incumbent Scott is double dipping by taking pension, Republican says

(October 3, 2012) — The Republican candidate for Franklin County sheriff promised yesterday to turn down the office’s salary if he is elected but said he will continue to collect his pension.

Sheriff candidate would reject his salary

(October 2, 2012) — The Republican candidate for Franklin County sheriff promised yesterday to turn down the office’s salary if he is elected but said he will continue to collect his pension.

New early-voting site is bigger, better

(September 29, 2012) — In-person absentee voters shouldn’t have to battle long lines and stand outside in cold weather this year thanks to a change in venue for the early-voting location, elections officials say.

Ideas to benefit city suggested as part of Design Week

(September 28, 2012) — Imagine a city where bison roam on the Statehouse lawn and packs of wolverines discourage Michigan fans from setting foot on the Ohio State University Oval.

Sewage control long slog

(September 24, 2012) — A rainy 2011 caused sewage overflows into Columbus waterways to more than double compared with 2010.

City fakes disaster for real practice

(September 21, 2012) — Columbus first responders and government agencies must be prepared for anything including a radioactive plane crash in the middle of a soccer tournament.

Leader of troubled youth prison is resigning

(September 20, 2012) — The head of a youth prison in Delaware County that has had a significant increase in inmate violence is resigning effective Oct. 5, eight months after she accepted the job.

Third person dies of West Nile virus in Ohio

(September 18, 2012) — An 80-year-old Hamilton County man has become the third person to die in Ohio of West Nile disease.

Getting drunks off road is goal

(September 15, 2012) — In 1999, Erin Smith was with two friends on motorcycles riding Downtown to attend Red, White & Boom.

Students don’t cheat; they ‘collaborate’

(September 10, 2012) — Some students who grow up with a wealth of information at their fingertips on smartphones, tablets and laptops call working together on a test collaborating.

Activists push local control of ‘fracking’

(September 8, 2012) — Hoping that the state will relinquish some control over hydraulic fracturing, environmental activist groups across Ohio are encouraging local governments to pass resolutions decrying the controversial practice.

Ohio’s West Nile cases jump to 60

(September 7, 2012) — This season’s West Nile virus scare continues, as state health officials say Ohio’s confirmed number of human cases has increased to 60. That’s more than double the number documented three weeks ago.

Franklinton residents, police express frustration

(September 6, 2012) — Tensions between Franklinton residents and Columbus police came to a head last night during a town meeting designed to open up communication between the two.

Market-rate houses to give boost to Weinland Park

(August 30, 2012) — By early 2013, six new homes are to stand on a lot in Weinland Park that once was the site of two vacant, crime-ridden apartment buildings.

Rare mussels released to live long, procreate in Big Darby

(August 29, 2012) — Ohio State University and Metro Parks employees waded into Big Darby Creek yesterday morning to give about 1,500 endangered mussels a new home.