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Michael Locklear

(September 5, 2012) — Michael Locklear is a senior studying broadcast journalism at Ohio University. He is a fellow at Ohio Public Radio & TV. His television stories air on WOUB’s Newswatch. He produces, reports, edits and anchors for the live newscast when he’s in Athens. Michael has also interned with WCPO, the ABC affiliate in Cincinnati.

Ohio prison reform slower than expected

(December 13, 2012) — Decrease the number of inmates in Ohio’s prisons and save taxpayers money. That was the idea behind a sentencing reform law backed by state legislators on both sides of the aisle. It took effect last September, but more than a year later, WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports the legislation hasn’t worked as quickly as some had hoped.

Former U.S. Sen. George Voinovich talks fiscal cliff

(November 16, 2012) — George Voinovich is talking about the so-called fiscal cliff, a package of tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect if Congress doesn’t act.

Young hunters get first crack at deer gun season

(November 16, 2012) — The number of deer taken during the archery season is up 23 percent in Ohio. That’s in the first month and a half of the season compared to the same period last year. This weekend, hunters under the age of 18 can start using guns. For Ohio Public Radio, Michael Locklear reports. [Listen to report]

Puppy mill bill passes house committee

(November 14, 2012) — The so-called “puppy mill bill” is one step closer to becoming law. The Ohio House voted to pass its version of the legislation by a vote of 91-5, but it was late Tuesday afternoon that members passed the crackdown on high-volume dog breeders out of committee. WOUB’s Michael Locklear was there and reports some discussion but little outright opposition.

Group of lawmakers pushes for autism mandate

(October 26, 2012) — Ohio lawmakers are again trying to require insurance coverage for autism. They’ve failed in the past but now have support from both parties.

Ohio consumer group calls for stricter food safety laws

(October 24, 2012) — An Ohio consumer group says the implementation of stricter federal food safety laws has fallen short. The Ohio Public Interest Research Group released a report Wednesday on the progress in reducing food recalls in the state and across the country. Tabitha Woodruff says since the beginning of 2011, 27 Ohioans have gotten sick after eating food directly linked to recalls.

Issue 2 group launches website

(October 23, 2012) — The group behind Issue 2 has launched another website to promote the redistricting proposal that would change the way congressional and legislative districts are drawn. Brian Rothenberg says it features an interactive map with Voters First’s take on each of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts.

Pro-Issue 2 group releases first TV ad

(October 22, 2012) — With just two weeks until Election Day, the group behind Issue 2 has released its first television ad. Voters First says it’s a “substantial” statewide buy in support of a constitutional amendment that would change the way congressional and legislative districts are formed.

Sheriff reflects on exotic animals incident one year later

(October 19, 2012) — It’s been one year since dozens of exotic animals were released from a Zanesville farm. Law enforcement officers tracked down and killed most of them.

President Obama visits Ohio University

(October 18, 2012) — Fourteen thousand people showed up for a glimpse of the president Wednesday night. Barack Obama addressed the crowd on Ohio University’s College Green. WOUB’s Michael Locklear takes a look at the message to voters.

Ohioans will be able to vote in person on three days before election day

(October 16, 2012) — Ohioans will indeed be able to vote in person on the three days before Election Day. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports.

Nuns on the Bus stop in Athens with political message

(October 15, 2012) — A group of nuns is criss-crossing the state to talk politics. They call themselves “Nuns on the Bus” and are encouraging folks to vote their values.

Ohio University students line up for Obama tickets

(October 15, 2012) — Folks in Athens are lining up to get their tickets to see the president. On Friday, we learned Barack Obama will make a campaign stop in town this week.

State lawmaker indicted on 49 counts

(October 10, 2012) — A state representative has been indicted on dozens of counts, including theft in office. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports from the Statehouse where the lawmaker was serving his fourth term.

State auditor looks into school attendance irregularities

(October 4, 2012) — Southeast Ohio is “clean” so far in the school attendance audit. The State Auditor released an interim report Thursday.

Ohio conducts survey on pre-casino problem gambling

(October 2, 2012) — The state put out the results of a survey on problem gambling Monday. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports from the Statehouse where officials announced the findings.

Fairfield County folks turn out to vote early

(October 2, 2012) — Tuesday was the first official day you could cast your ballot in the Buckeye State. WOUB’s Michael Locklear talked to folks in Fairfield County who voted early.

Deer crashes in Ohio down for third year

(September 27, 2012) — We’re approaching deer mating season, and that’s the time when more cars and deer collide on the road. But those crashes are actually down in Ohio again.

Poll: Obama ahead by 10 points In Ohio

(September 26, 2012) — The latest Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times poll gives the president a double-digit lead in Ohio.

Issue 2 group grades Husted

(September 25, 2012) — Ohio’s chief elections official got an informal “performance review” Monday from a group that has butted heads with the Republican over the redistricting proposal on the ballot. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports.

Study to evaluate prescription of anti-psychotic meds to children on Medicaid

(September 25, 2012) — Ohio Medicaid officials announced a plan Tuesday to take a look at how anti-psychotic drugs are being prescribed to children, especially those in foster care.

Gene Harris to retire

(September 20, 2012) — The Chair of the Ohio University Board of Trustees is retiring from her full-time position.

Anti-Issue 2 mailer deemed potentially misleading

(September 20, 2012) — The Ohio Elections Commission found probable cause Thursday that an anti-Issue 2 ad is misleading.

Groups fear phone companies could cut landlines

(September 19, 2012) — Controversy is brewing in Ohio over what cell phones are fast replacing: landlines. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports from the Statehouse.

Bill could mean fewer landlines in some parts of Ohio

(September 19, 2012) — Controversy is brewing in Ohio over what cell phones are fast replacing: landlines. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports from the Statehouse.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland reacts to Romney video

(September 18, 2012) — Former Gov. Ted Strickland is sounding off on the secret recording of Mitt Romney. The Democrat held a press conference at his party’s Ohio headquarters Tuesday.

Ohio ballot board lengthens description of Issue 2

(September 14, 2012) — The Ohio Ballot Board met Thursday to rework its description of Issue 2. That would change the process for shaping congressional districts.

Ohio task force charged with overhauling higher ed funding

(September 12, 2012) — A new task force could determine how higher education is funded in the state. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports Ohio University’s top administrator will have a seat at the table.

Groups deliver 80,000 signatures in effort to restore weekend voting

(September 12, 2012) — Several groups delivered 80,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office Wednesday in an effort to restore weekend voting hours.

Kasich pays 9/11 tribute

(September 11, 2012) — Gov. John Kasich paid his respects to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks Tuesday morning.

Food insecurity on the rise

(September 11, 2012) — A new report shows more than 15 percent of Ohio households aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from.

Ohio Controlling Board approves money for exotic animal holding facility

(September 10, 2012) — The state will move forward with the construction of a facility to hold confiscated exotic animals. The Ohio Controlling Board approved the Department of Agriculture’s request for $3.5 million at a meeting this afternoon.

VP Biden’s speech in Athens centers on fiscal policies

(September 9, 2012) — Just days after the Democratic National Convention wrapped up, the Vice President visited three southeast Ohio cities. WOUB’s Michael Locklear takes a look at Joe Biden’s message to voters in Athens.

Volunteers plant flags on Statehouse lawn as 9/11 memorial

(September 7, 2012) — The eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is just days away, and thousands of flags now fill the Statehouse lawn as a memorial. WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports.

Ohio exotic animal law now in effect

(September 5, 2012) — Ohio’s exotic animal law takes effect today. A Licking Co. cougar owner says she’s had little success getting answers from the Ohio Department of Agriculture on what she needs to do to comply with the law.

Racism confronted by OSU students

(September 4, 2012) — More than a hundred Ohio State University students showed up at a town hall meeting tonight. The topic? Racism.

Two Athens County Democrats prepare for Democratic National Convention

(August 31, 2012) — The Republicans wrapped up their national convention last night. Now, the Democrats are packing suitcases for their national convention, which starts Tuesday. That’s where they will officially nominate President Barack Obama for re-election.

Exotic animal law goes into effect next week

(August 31, 2012) — The exotic animals bill, which restricts ownership of bears, tigers and other animals, goes into effect next week. A holding facility for the confiscated creatures is in the works.

Ohio Attorney General plans to appeal early voting decision

(August 31, 2012) — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the state will appeal today’s decision by a federal judge. The ruling allows early, in-person voting the three days before the election.

Texting while driving ban aims to save lives

(August 30, 2012) — Ohio’s ban on texting while driving takes effect tomorrow (Friday). WOUB’s Michael Locklear reports the law is stricter on younger drivers. The goal is to save lives.

Ohio reduces length of unemployment benefit time

(August 30, 2012) — Good economic news in Ohio means bad news for those without work. The feds are cutting the number of weeks folks in the Buckeye State can get unemployment benefits by two and a half months.