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Ryan Clark

(January 9, 2013) — Ryan Clark is a junior studying journalism at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism where he will graduate in 2014 with minors in both Spanish and business. He is a Statehouse News Bureau fellow at the Columbus Dispatch, but has lived in Cincinnati for the past 10 years. Ryan has interned at the Cincinnati Enquirer and has been the local news editor for The Post for a year among a variety of positions, including reporting and copy editing.

Ryan enjoys Bogart films, vinyl records, craft breweries and attempting to cook like Gordon Ramsay. You can follow his opinions and work for The Columbus Dispatch on Twitter @RyanGClark.

Bill alters how inspector general is chosen

(February 21, 2013) — Democratic Reps. Connie Pillich and Chris Redfern want to end the “political inclinations and lack of competence” that they say have prevented Inspector General Randy Meyer from investigating wrongful acts in state government.

Dancing “lion” helps Chinese greet new year

(February 10, 2013) — Two men in traditional Chinese lion costumes danced through Sunflower Chinese Restaurant under large, ornate heads complete with fluttering eyelids and flapping mouths.

Kasich’s Ohio tax plan might hurt small business

(February 9, 2013) — Naming rights to stadiums would be subject to Gov. John Kasich’s proposed broadening of the state sales tax.

Consumers unsure about broader sales tax

(February 6, 2013) — Sitting in a salon chair with her hair over her face, Sylvia Stevens wondered if Ohio consumers would win or lose should Gov. John Kasich get the tax overhaul he wants.

Plan to replace license plates blows a flat

(February 1, 2013) — Put down the screwdriver. It looks like Ohio drivers can keep their license plates.

Replacing car plates would be required under budget proposal

(January 30, 2013) — Ohioans might have to pay $10 every seven years to replace their license plates, starting with cars still running around with gold plates or bicentennial plates which the state would recall beginning in December.

Welfare agency’s merger plan stirs push to keep Athens County office

(January 29, 2013) — State Sen. Lou Gentile is adding his voice to calls for Gov. John Kasich and his administration to consider alternatives to closing 13 regional offices of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Hoaxed player dragged into Citizens United fight

(January 22, 2013) — Manti Te’o‘s hoax girlfriend is the butt of Internet gags and numerous jokes, so why not make it the point of a group pushing for campaign-finance reform.

State fines Cleveland casino for unapproved software

(January 17, 2013) — Ohio casino regulators issued the first fine for one of the state’s casinos today after the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland used unapproved software for almost four months.