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Deanna Pan

(January 12, 2012) — Deanna Pan is an almost-graduating senior at The Ohio State University, where she occasionally takes classes to finish her English degree. Although she hails from West Chester, Ohio (that’s rightCongressman Boehner’s district), Deanna has spent the last six months living and working in Washington D.C. first as an editorial intern at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance through the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) Magazine Internship Program and later, the executive producer of NPR’s Intern Edition, a multimedia newsmagazine show created by NPR interns. She’s also written and produced for a number of regional publications, like Cincinnati Magazine and Columbus Monthly. In 2009, she founded a student-run general interest magazine at Ohio State called Ology. Follow her reporting for The Columbus Dispatch on Twitter @DDpan.

Listen to this podcast interview of Deanna Pan.

Death toll drops in drug war

(April 1, 2012) — After a decade of shattered lives and early graves, Ohioans finally might be seeing a glimmer of hope in the battle against prescription-drug overdoses.

Teen’s loss: “I miss him so much”

(April 1, 2012) — Something was wrong with Cole.

Landlord enters not-guilty plea to code violations at Franklinton house

(February 28, 2012) — A landlord accused of code violations at a Franklinton house where three people died in December entered a not-guilty plea in Franklin County Environmental Court this morning.

Local high-school grads flock to OSU

(February 27, 2012) — More students from Dublin Coffman High School applied to Ohio State University than from all but one other school in the nation, with 211 students vying for a spot in the incoming class.

Artifacts at OSU evoke Glenn’s dramatic mission

(February 19, 2012) — There’s a grainy, black-and-white photo of John Glenn, reclining on the deck of the USS Noa. It’s Feb. 20, 1962, and Glenn’s wearing a NASA jumpsuit, a subtle grin, aviator sunglasses and black Converse sneakers, propped up against the side of the destroyer.

New OSU building tops colleges’ collective budget

(February 18, 2012) — A $126 million science building at Ohio State University is the biggest construction project that would be funded through a wish list that public university leaders have presented to the state.

County fighting infant deaths

(February 15, 2012) — Franklin County commissioners will soon learn whether the first installments of $7 million that the county plans to spend to decrease infant deaths are starting to pay off.

Ohio participates in earthquake drill on bicentennial of New Madrid temblors

(February 8, 2012) — At precisely 10:15 a.m. today, the computer-generated instructions sounded over the intercom and interrupted an ordinarily ordinary routine at the state’s Emergency Operations Center in Dublin.

Bill to delay school start until after Labor Day draws educators’ objections

(February 2, 2012) — A bill that would change how Ohio schools calculate class time came under fire from both state and local school officials yesterday.

Bipartisan support may speed OK of 70 mph limit

(February 1, 2012) — Contempt for slow drivers especially those hogging the left lane on Ohio freeways apparently crosses party lines.

Not passing? Get out of left lane, bill says

(January 31, 2012) — Look out, left-lane lollygaggers: Life in the fast lane might get a little less comfortable.

U.S. policy on Somalia gets mixed reviews

(January 28, 2012) — For decades, Somalia has been plagued by myriad problems famine, violence, piracy and thousands of refugees and not everyone agrees on how to solve them.

Roe v. Wade marked with rival Statehouse talks

(January 25, 2012) — This week’s 39th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion brought both sides of the debate to the Statehouse yesterday and their deliveries were just as different as their messages.

Save manufacturing and watch out for Romney, Strickland tells Obama

(January 23, 2012) — Former Gov. Ted Strickland shared some words of advice with President Barack Obama on how to woo Ohio voters in his State of the Union address tomorrow night: Save manufacturing and watch out for Mitt Romney.

‘Occupy’ protesters pounce on Kilroy at rally

(January 21, 2012) — Former U.S. Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy of Columbus stood yesterday alongside protesters to speak out against corporate influence on politics, criticizing the “ability to really distort the election process.”

Low-rate loans might go to more farmers

(January 20, 2012) — State Republicans say that new legislation would give more Ohio farmers an opportunity to receive reduced-interest loans to offset their operating expenses.

Sex-trafficking victim knows the value of hope

(January 13, 2012) — Jeanette Bradley had a normal, middle-class upbringing in Worthington until the incest began.

Taylor continues criticisms of health-insurance exchange

(January 11, 2012) — In her latest criticism of the federal health-care law, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor said yesterday she fears the state will have “little control” over mandated health-insurance exchanges, whether they are implemented by the federal government or the Kasich administration.