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Abortions in Ohio hit record low in 2016

(September 29, 2017) — The number of abortions in Ohio reached a new record low last year, according to the Ohio Department of Health’s 2016 Ohio Abortion Report.

The 20,672 abortions reported last year were about 300 less than there were in 2015.

Of the total number of 2016 abortions, nearly 95 percent were obtained by Ohio resident women, according to the report released on Friday. Cuyahoga County and Franklin County, the state’s two largest counties, had the most abortions reported in the state.

About 60 percent of abortions were obtained by women in between the ages of 20-29.

Ohio Right to Life is celebrating the 2016 numbers as a success to the pro-life movement’s efforts in Ohio.

“The historic low of abortions reported today indicates that the culture of life we’ve strived for is becoming a reality,” Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis said in a statement.

The reported number of abortions in Ohio has been declining since 2013.

Curettage suction was the most used abortion method, with 53 percent. Just over 50 percent of all induced abortions involved pregnancies of less than nine weeks, while 30 percent had pregnancies of nine to 12 weeks.

While the overall number of abortions in Ohio decreased, the number of non-surgical abortions increased by more than a thousand — 3,818 in 2016, most the result of MifePristone, a medication also known as RU486 that is taken to induce an abortion.

“The real story with this year’s report is that Ohio women are accessing more affordable medication abortion at a rate closer to before Ohio law required physicians to use an outdated, less effective, more expensive protocol,” NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Deputy Director Jaime Miracle said in a statement.