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Alex Stuckey

(January 25, 2012) — Alex Stuckey is a senior studying journalism in Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She served as an E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Statehouse News Bureau during fall quarter 2011 after a 3-month summer internship at The Columbus Dispatch. She currently holds the position of Assistant Managing Editor at The Post, where her primary focus is working on special projects and enterprise pieces. Although she hails from Texas, her family now lives in Dayton, Ohio and during summer 2010, she interned at The Dayton Daily News. She was The Post’s City Editor the following school year. This summer she will be interning at The Arizona Republic as a Pulliam Fellow.

Domestic Silence: Some courts reluctant to help abused gays

(November 28, 2011) — Featured on the IRE website (Jan. 25, 2012), at

Domestic Silence: The truth about abuse in Ohio

(November 27, 2011) — Featured on the IRE website (Jan. 25, 2012), at

Domestic Silence revisited: Abuse victims lacking shelter?

(November 27, 2011) — Featured on the IRE website (Jan. 25, 2012), at

Trustees OK pair of OU projects

(November 19, 2011) — Ohio University’s proposal to spend $977.5 million on capital improvements over the next six years was one of two plans to win unanimous approval from the school’s trustees yesterday.

Adopted from foster care, children finally find a home for good

(November 17, 2011) — Children ran around clutching toys much too big for their little fists, dodging chairs and tables as families laughed. The sight was unexpected in a courtroom.

Website offers forum to those with a cause

(November 8, 2011) — Just a couple of clicks of a computer mouse stand between Internet users worldwide and social change.

City celebrates opening of first bicycle shelter

(November 2, 2011) — The city’s first bicycle shelter is open for business.

Animal cruelty may hint of domestic violence ahead

(October 27, 2011) — Shannon Marie Nolan Broe, 24 beaten to death by her husband in 2011. She was pregnant with their daughter, Alexandra Jordan.

Counties to lose as federal timber funds end

(October 24, 2011) — Twelve southeastern Ohio counties could see federal timber-production funds cut as a partnership with the Wayne National Forest heads toward a year-end expiration date.

Woman sues after her prison release

(October 20, 2011) — A woman whose 1990 murder conviction was overturned because of improper testimony by a toxicologist is suing several Franklin and Licking county officials.

Violence among girls spurs more to seek help

(October 16, 2011) — A state law enacted last year was originally meant to protect teenagers in destructive dating relationships.

East Side teen faces 22 counts in six attacks

(October 15, 2011) — A 16-year-old East Side boy is charged with 22 felony counts stemming from attacks on six strangers in February.

Homeless-housing project a promo for jobs act

(October 8, 2011) — Just a shell of wooden 2-by-4s and cement blocks on Norton Avenue, the site of a once-abandoned lumberyard will soon become the fifth development of its kind to provide homes for Columbus’ homeless.

Deficit puts Akron in ‘fiscal caution’

(October 6, 2011) — Akron has become Ohio’s first city to be stamped with the “fiscal caution” sticker, after results yesterday from a 2010 financial audit showed the city had a deficit exceeding $87.8 million.

State board OKs changes to two Senate districts

(October 1, 2011) — Despite much confusion over the remapping of two state Senate districts in Cuyahoga County, the state Apportionment Board accepted an amendment in an emergency meeting yesterday an amendment identical to the one pulled out of the approved redistricting maps on Wednesday.

Loaded with confusion

(October 1, 2011) — Most restaurant and bar patrons sauntering along the streets of central Ohio yesterday were probably blissfully unaware of the new ‘guns in bars’ law, especially because few establishments’ windows brandished additional signs barring said guns from the premises.

Guns in bars OK as of today

(September 30, 2011) — Few people sitting in a bar, sipping cocktails and chatting with friends think about whether the person next to them is packing heat.

Bill seeks protections for gays

(September 28, 2011) — Bonnie McGinnis considered herself a “good teacher.”

‘Heartbeat bill’ divides Ohio anti-abortion leaders

(September 27, 2011) — Ohio’s once-unified anti-abortion movement has been splintered by the return of a former state leader rallying support for a restrictive bill that the head of Ohio Right to Life says is legally flawed.

State urged to OK texting-driver ban

(September 23, 2011) — “How many more must die?” That’s the question Tina Yanssens has asked every day since her father, David Muslovski, was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by his 19-year-old neighbor on June 17, 2010.

‘Heartbeat bill’ backers push for Senate approval

(September 21, 2011) — An “Abortion stops a beating heart” bumper sticker held high above her head, Janet Porter’s voice boomed above the more than 600 supporters of the so-called heartbeat bill at the Statehouse yesterday, calling on them to put an end to “abortion on demand.”

Governor’s race do-over: Would you vote the same way?

(September 19, 2011) — It’s just a poll, but county’s residents not sold on Kasich

Obama woos young voters with plan

(September 14, 2011) — More than 3,200 people erupted in cheers and booming applause as President Barack Obama mounted the stage at Fort Hayes high school in Columbus. Spectators leapt from their seats or stood on their tiptoes to get a glimpse of the leader of the free world.

September 11 | 10 Years Later: Cautiously optimistic

(September 11, 2011) — For the first time since the twin towers tumbled a decade ago today, fewer than 1 in 10 of us is “very worried” that there will be another terrorit attack soon in America, a new poll shows.

Hunger in Ohio rises to 6th-worst in U.S.

(September 8, 2011) — “Mommy, I’m hungry,” 3-year-old Keira Beatty blurted as she jumped into her mother’s arms.