Carr Van Anda

Information about the program

Journalism students with intellectual interests or career goals that encompass a variety of media-related areas that go beyond the two tracks offered in the School of Journalism may consider customizing their program of study.

The Carr Van Anda program allows School of Journalism majors to create an individualized course of study within the journalism framework. The Carr Van Anda program includes the four journalism core courses plus an approved selection of courses in journalism, media arts & studies or visual communication to equal 36 hours. Of the non-core courses, a minimum of 12 hours must be in journalism. In addition, a student in the Carr Van Anda program must meet all journalism liberal arts and specialization area requirements and all Ohio University general education requirements.

A student completing the Carr Van Anda program will earn the Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ), the same as journalism students in the news and information and strategic communication tracks.

To qualify, students must be junior-status and have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all academic work. Interested students should talk with their advisers about the possible advantages in pursuing a Carr Van Anda program.

Download the application.