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Natascha Roelsgaard

Email: nr132415@ohio.edu

Office: Schoonover Center rm 207

Education: M.S. Journalism, Ohio University, 2018; M.A. American Studies, University of Southern Denmark, 2016; B.A. International Communication and Multimedia, Aarhus University, 2014.

Research: Journalism history, women in media and the black press. Natascha is particularly interested in women journalists’ racial advocacy in black press history. Her master’s thesis centered on the journalistic work of progressive black editor and civil rights activist, Daisy Bates, who managed to occupy journalistic and rhetorical spaces normally occupied by white men in the mid-twentieth century. She has previously done research on the socioeconomic impact of rural gentrification in the Appalachia region and researched the coverage of immigrants’ lives in the New York tenements in the early twentieth century. Her work has been published in Journalism History and she has received awards from the American Journalism Historians Association, including the the 2018 Robert Lance Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Paper for “‘Let Our Voices Speak Loud and Clear’: Daisy Bates’ Leadership in Civil Rights and Black Press History.” Roelsgaard also won the Maurine Beasley Award for the Outstanding Paper on Women’s History in October 2018.

Teaching experience: Natascha has taught discussion sections for the Future of Media course at Ohio University and worked as the assistant instructor for Research in Historical Journalism. She has also worked as a teaching assistant for the Ethics, Mass Media, and Society course and the Media and the Civil Rights Movement course and trip.