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Health and Medical

Medical care in the United States is expensive, and the health system is confusing (even for Americans!) The State Departments Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE) provides up to $50,000 in health insurance to cover treatment for illness or accidents while you are on the program. You will receive a health insurance card at the orientation.

The insurance is offered through the ChoiceCare PPO Network. If you call a doctor’s office for an appointment or present your identification card to a provider, you need to say:

My accident and sickness coverage utilizes the ChoiceCare PPO Network. Are you a ChoiceCare provider?

We have a list of Athens-area doctors in the ChoiceCare PPO Network.

In-network healthcare is significantly cheaper than out-of-network health care. However, if there is an emergency, we will use the nearest medical facility. In such circumstances, we will contact the plan administrator, Seven Corners, at 800-461-0430.

If you have to go to the doctor or hospital, you will need to pay $25 (from your daily allowance) per visit (this is called a co-payment, with the balance paid by ASPE). The insurance does not cover doctors visits or treatment for pre-existing conditions. The insurance is only for the period of the institute; if you plan to stay longer in the U.S., consider purchasing your own insurance. If you have health insurance from your own country that includes coverage in the U.S., please bring a copy of the documents.

Bring with prescription medications in your carry-on bag. The medications must be packed in their original containers, and you must have a copy of the prescription. Also bring a records of immunizations or records relating to any serious injury, operation or illness you have had.

We hope everyone stays healthy, but if you have a medical issue, one of the Institute staff will accompany you to the doctor or hospital.

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