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Take a break: Things to do in Athens

By Rachel Ferchak, SUSI web manager

Athens is an eclectic mix of older architecture, brick roads and small boutiques. With its down-to-earth and low-key atmosphere, it’s a great setting for a break from your busy schedule.

Court Street, the main street in uptown Athens, has a variety of cafes, small eateries, pubs, clothing boutiques, gift shops, art stores, bookstores and even a cinema, The Athena, which shows Independent and foreign films.

Glance through the magazine and book collections at Little Professor Book Center. Send a unique card home from Cross Court Cards & Gifts. Peek into the past at Athens Underground. Finally, grab a quick bite at Brenen’s.

But there’s more to Athens than meets the eye. Venturing down side streets, you’ll find a wealth of seemingly hidden treasures, such as Beads & Things, Athens Book Center and Passion Works.

SUSI scholar Claudia Schwarz describes how she spent some of her free time. In her blog, Dr. Schwarz explains her time on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, a 19-mile, flat and paved stretch that follows the Hocking River through Ohio University and Athens, Wayne National Forest and Nelsonville. She rented a bike, which, she says, expanded [her] world drastically.

You can also capture the natural beauty of Athens by walking, biking or hiking through the forests and rolling hills of the region. Take a stroll on the nature trail at the Ridges, just a short walk from University Courtyard, or head to Strouds Run State Park (pictured below) to have a picnic by the lake.

No matter whether you prefer window shopping in uptown Athens or hiking through the Hocking Hills, there’s something to provide a break from the classroom.

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