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Tips for a hassle-free stay in the United States

Each country around the world is unique and differs from other countries, and America is certainly not an exception. Below is a list of things to make living in the United States a little easier and more comfortable.

In the Kitchen

1. Do not place any metal, including aluminum foil and silverware, in the microwave. Also, do not microwave anything made of Styrofoam or plastic.

2. When running the dishwasher, do NOT use liquid dish soap. Use dishwasher detergent.

3. Prior to using the dishwasher, it is practical to rinse the dishes; otherwise dishes may not be fully cleaned.

4. Do not put plastic in the oven. Make sure you use oven mitts when removing objects from the oven or stove.

5. Do not put any objects, except for food scraps, in the garbage disposal. The following foods CANNOT be put in the disposal: noodles, rice, banana peels, potato skins, avocado skins, fruit pits and bones. Be sure to turn on the faucet while using the disposal.

6. Do not leave leftover food sitting out. Rinse out dishes immediately after using to prevent dried, stuck-on food.

7. When using the microwave, cover food with a paper towel or napkin to keep the food from splattering.

When Doing the Laundry

1. Separate laundry into three piles: dark colors, light colors and whites. If colors are mixed, they may bleed on each other.

2. Do not use an over-abundance of laundry detergent for each load.

3. Do not fill the washer to maximum capacity with clothes.

4. Read the care instructions on clothes to make sure you don’t shrink the clothing or cause wear and tear.

About the Washroom/Bathroom

1. Keep the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub to keep the water in the tub.

2. Use the plunger if the toilet is clogged.

3. Please clean up after yourself. It’s also a good idea to clean all surfaces of the bathroom once every week or every two weeks.

4. Always hang wet towels to dry.

5. Flush the toilet after every use.

Apartment Living in General

1. Make sure all appliances are turned off when you are not in the apartment (with the exception of the refrigerator and the microwave).

2. Please be courteous and clean up your mess, because you will be sharing a living space with two or three others.

3. You will need a universal adapter for your electronic items. These adapters may be purchased at airports or stores such as Walmart in the United States.

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